Walk Softly & Concealed Carry

Our Concealed Carry class instructor talked about semi-autos, revolvers, shooting fundamentals plus safety and responsibility but he didn’t talk about suitable “personality traits”. It’s extremely important to know how you will be likely to act when carrying a concealed weapon.

Perhaps it would be wise to conduct a self-evaluation of personal behavior tendencies, before deciding to Concealed Carry and gain awareness of your likely reaction in a stressful self-defense encounter. What are some of the questions you may ask yourself when planning to carry a handgun?

First of all; are you willing to carry a firearm during all seasons throughout the day for full-time protection? Do you have the mental, emotional and physical capacity to draw your handgun and shoot an assailant in a life-threatening situation? This is difficult to answer without actual experience, but, serious forethought and shooting practice will help determine the right attitude in an actual situation.

Impulsive judgment, loss of temper, a heavy drinking habit, or, use of marijuana will definitely lead to problems while carrying a weapon. Selection of a handgun and holster that fits your personal needs for comfort and concealment is absolutely necessary for full-time Concealed Carry success.

The hot social issues today concerning teachers and college students not being able to practice Concealed Carry should be influenced by individual behavior traits rather than their profession. Unfortunately; politics and public emotions overrule logical discussions on many issues today.

Applications for “law enforcement positions” require extensive psychological screening, same as mentioned above thus making them well qualified for carrying and handling firearms. The responsibilities of a law enforcement officer go beyond that of Concealed Carry; however, there are similarities that apply.

Theodore Roosevelt modified an old West African proverb in the 1900’s and made it famous; “Walk softly and carry a big stick”. It served as an excellent metaphor describing our intended relations with other nations at that time and still does today. The same philosophy applies to individual behavior in today’s complicated world where we treat others with respect and recognize that some do not play by the rules. Concealed Carry serves well as a “big stick” to preserve individual freedom and security.

Walking “softly” with Concealed Carry signifies use only for self-defense and not for the undisciplined, overly aggressive, persons that create trouble for themselves. It’s best to walk softly and avoid questionable confrontations like the highly publicized cases in the media judged by public opinion, often before being settled in courts.

Statistics show that crime rates are declining and the overwhelming majority of Concealed Carry people are following the law resulting in a very low percentage of license revocations. Some public officials still do not agree with Concealed Carry for ordinary citizens and have armed bodyguards. Are they saying; our lives are not important because we are just ordinary people? Such logic will never be accepted by the public.

Walking softly and carrying a big stick will help develop the right personal attitude toward carrying a firearm and turn you into a competent “defender” rather than a helpless “victim”. I think if “ole Teddy“ were around today he would agree that his proverb applies equally well to the art of Concealed Carry and may also suggest a small change in wording like…”Walk Softly and keep on packin dude”.

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4 thoughts on “Walk Softly & Concealed Carry

  1. whap888whap

    • 4 reasons to carry a gun
    1. A policeman won’t fit in your pocket
    •2. you can’t throw a rock 1150fps
    •3. A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again.
    •4. When you have seconds to act, the cops are only 5 minutes. away….
    •Hitler and the rest of the dictators around the world know, it’s all about un-arming the citizens so that they will have more control.
    •With whom do you stand?
    What have you done to protect our Second Amendment?
    More laws or more RIGHTS?
    A special permit is not required.
    concealed carry needs no permission!



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