Justified Concealed Carry or Dream World

Personal protection has been around since the beginning of mankind and will remain until our basic human needs for food, shelter, clothing and security change, which is not going to happen. There are circumstances when using a handgun for protection is ineffective, but, Diane Sawyer and NBC have arrived at some ridiculous conclusions in their video; “Proof that Concealed Carry permit holders live in a dream world”.

The plot of this biased video is nothing more than a well-planned tactical maneuver, by professionals; to take down a college student in a classroom attack thus “proving”…Concealed Carry doesn’t work. An amateur; drawing a handgun, while rising from the sitting position, at the same time; lifting his shirt with bulky gloves and wearing a clumsy helmet under surprise attack by an expert marksman, will reduce chances of survival to near zero.

That’s a “no brainer” and shame on NBC for concluding such a ruse stating; Concealed Carry people “live in a dream world”. The chance of successfully drawing a gun for self-defense is dramatically reduced when an aggressor is pointing a gun in your face. Surprise is always the key element for maximum advantage in any tactical planning by military personnel, law officials, law breakers and…how about the Concealed Carry individual?

Always avoid suspicious environments and become instinctively pro-active in these areas. Your chance of survival is greatly increased by defusing your adversary with a surprise defensive move. Concealed Carry is not regarded as a protection remedy for all occasions, but, it’s totally absurd to call it a “dream world”.

Many of our politicians and social leaders argue against Concealed Carry protection yet they have armed body guards to assure their private defense …go figure. Individuals across the United States are realizing a need for personal responsibility and all states now offer the opportunity to practice Concealed Carry which has grown 50%, from approximately 8 million in 2011 to 12 million in 2014.

Every-day life is a game of chance urging us to make decisions based upon probabilities. We exercise safety while driving our automobiles to avoid a slight chance of getting killed. Concealed Carry is nothing more than a self-protection safety-measure for decreasing the odds of being killed. If your gun is never used; thank heavens, it provides comfort knowing you have an effective deterrent.

Some anti-gun supporters are against Concealed Carry on moral grounds believing; it’s not right to take another life under any circumstances or they have a fear of guns. Others argue; it is a “false sense” of security and risk of personal injury is greater when having a gun. They conclude; guns in “other” hands will “assure” public freedom and safety.

Community protection radicals go too far and often get really stupid…’Lets ban all potential instruments of death: rocks, knives, arrows, sticks, drugs, step ladders, automobiles, airplanes, bicycles etc.’ Such arguments will continue indefinitely and history will be our only judge for providing the absolute truth in support of our right to carry.

High crime rates are concentrated in a relatively small number or major cities across the country with the root cause not being properly addressed by public officials. New legislation will not end this intolerable mess as existing laws continue to be ignored. Concealed Carry is not a perfect science and it will always be challenged by opposing groups who also have their rights, but, we must be counter-active in order to preserve 2nd Amendment rights.

Defensive skills and safety habits are perfected to higher levels through repetitious mind-body exercises and Concealed Carry doesn’t guarantee 100% safety, but, it can greatly increase survival odds…keep on “packin” dude.

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2 thoughts on “Justified Concealed Carry or Dream World

  1. Dan Glenn

    The propaganda assumes that people just get a CCW and that’s that. No training. Some states allow it, but it doesn’t mean that the average CCW holder does it that way. Most folks I know, who decide to take responsibility to protect themselves and their family, train in some form or another, as to how to conduct themselves in public (i.e,, not telling others they carry). Also, how many CCW holders sit in the front of a classroom? The “gunman” knew exactly where the CCW holder was sitting. The list goes on and on…the bottom line was that this was a horrible example of an average CCW holder.

    The only thing we can do, as CCW holders, is continue to train and prepare, and only shoot if we absolutely have to.

    Stay safe, friends.



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