Concealed Carry Liberty

September 17th is the celebration of Constitution Day with observance of its signing in the year 1787. It is also known as Citizenship Day in recognition of the many people that have officially immigrated to this country. Perhaps they are the best judges of this great nation by comparing their lifestyle with previous conditions in another country. Those of us born and raised in the US have a tendency to take freedom of choice, opportunities and expression of views for granted.

The Constitution serves as a “mission statement” declaring who we are and what we stand for; without it we will lose our sense of direction. Responsibility for the future of the United States belongs to its citizens and one of the original framers, Ben Franklin, realized it could be mishandled. He made a brilliant observation of human nature over 200 years ago and recognized the need to include constitutional language like the “right to bear arms”.

He also insured this manuscript to express the rights and ideas of the majority without denying those same justices to all others; however, today it is often misinterpreted by special interest groups to meet their goals without regard for the majority. Citizen gun rights, stated in the 2nd amendment, are constantly being challenged by anti-gun groups to eliminate, or, restrict our inalienable privilege to Concealed Carry.

Certain politicians and special interest groups claim to have an honorable goal to seek “freedom from gun violence”, but, their agenda is based on erroneous logic equivalent to saying; “freedom from car violence” means to take away automobiles and “freedom from drug violence” is to take away drugs. The “root cause” of gun violence is not the gun and laws are already in place to keep firearms from “people” that cause violence. The actual problem lies in enforcing existing laws.

An example of how unfair some states are toward Concealed Carry is shown by the recent experience of a Philadelphia woman facing a 3-year jail sentence because New Jersey did not honor her Concealed Carry license. It has become an unfair debate of “us versus them” and justice will prevail only if we adopt legislation for reciprocity between all states similar to owning a driver’s license.

Today’s world is greatly influenced by powerful government and/or influential lobbyists resulting with the solution to a problem hopefully somewhere in the middle between pro & con factions. Gun ownership provides security for the individual and bestows power to the people for resisting aggression from terrorists, or, a corrupt government. It should be obvious to anti-gun groups that the purpose of Concealed Carry is not to create violence.

The United States is not perfect but we are the “best of the rest” and intend to stay that way by upholding our Constitution as the bonding force of this nation. Each Concealed Carry person can be instrumental in preserving gun rights by sending emails to their congressmen, expressing opinions in the media and joining gun rights organizations.

It’s sometimes frustrating to cope with incorrect ideas about how this country should operate, but, it’s the cost we must pay for protecting everyone’s freedom regardless of their convictions…hopefully Concealed Carry citizens will continue passionate support for their views…Best of wishes on Constitution Day and as always…keep on packin dude.

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