Concealed Carry & Neighborhood Watch

The second amendment “right to carry” now exists in all 50 states and a “national” Concealed Carry law is the next supporter objective. Violence also continues to permeate our society, ranging from international terrorism down to local hoodlums, thus demanding the need for more citizen involvement and self- protection.

Today we have “Neighborhood Watch” organizations across the US working with law enforcement officials to establish group roles plus provide information and training for successful results. They also link with other community organizations and public activities for maximum leverage. Anyone in the neighborhood, who is watchful for unusual occurrences, can help crime prevention and improve their vicinity.

These organizations are very effective in combating crime and have been supported by the National Sheriffs Association since 1972. Police officials indicate citizen awareness is one of the most effective methods for solving and preventing crimes.

Extreme caution on practicing Concealed Carry is advised by legal officials when involved in these programs. Exercising good temperament and following Concealed Carry laws may avoid litigation problems and save a life. When carrying under the above circumstances; make sure your first objective is to avoid a confrontation.

A shooting incident in Utah demonstrated poor behavior by two armed citizens, thus re-emphasizing the need for serious attention to Concealed Carry practice while in a Neighborhood Watch program. The basic purpose of these programs is for citizens to “watch” and “report” suspicious activities.

The situation, in Utah, would not have become so complicated if the two individuals on “watch” would have immediately called 911 when they saw suspicious activity. Both individuals involved in the shooting acted irrationally. It’s understandable; this incident prompted the Salt Lake county sheriff to recommend against Concealed Carry while on a neighborhood watch.

Citizen involvement is a good thing, but, your first objective is to avoid dangerous encounters. Exercising good temperament and following Concealed Carry rules can avoid litigation problems and save an innocent life.

High visibility media attention was given to the Martin / Zimmerman shooting in Sanford, Florida that occurred on February 26, 2012. It’s always a tragedy when someone is killed, especially following with ample heated public discussions, “trial by media” and publicity hungry politicians taking place before the legal court process even starts.

This case also created intense discussions on the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law which will always be under intense scrutiny by the anti-gun organizations. It should remind us of the need to thoroughly understand its content, or, any similar laws in your state such as the Castle Law.

Both cases above illustrate examples where Concealed Carry, while on Neighborhood Watch, can lead to serious problems; however, numerous daily crimes are prevented by alert citizens calling the police about suspicious activities. The good results far exceed the negative high profile media coverage.

The rate of Concealed Carry permits being issued today is at an all-time high and it’s logical to assume a greater percentage of these citizens will be involved in Neighborhood Watch Programs. The role a person plays in these organizations can be better understood by consulting local police officials for training and/or advice.

It is not advisable for armed citizens to become vigilantes and aggressively look for suspected villains. Potentially lethal encounters must be avoided; call 911 and let the trained police do their job.

Neighborhood Watch Programs are a good thing, but, they need to be comprised of responsible people…Concealed Carry guns are only used for self-protection…be alert in your neighborhood and…keep on packin dude.

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One thought on “Concealed Carry & Neighborhood Watch

  1. Jack

    Thanks for a voice of sanity here. I don’t want my rights to protect myself and loved ones abridged because of the way the irresponsible few make non-carriers think all carriers are just the lunatic fringe. Sometimes we paint an ugly picture of ourselves by our attitudes and actions. Grave responsibilities go with God-given rights. We must not shout so loudly (and sometimes hatefully?) about the latter that we don’t give serious prominence to the former.



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