Firearm Safety Didn’t Happen

If you enjoy “getting away from it all” and yearn for the tranquility of rural life with picture-perfect views of well-maintained farmland along majestic rolling hills…visit Holmes County, located north east of Columbus Ohio. There are numerous inviting chalets and motels, tucked into the hills beckoning travelers to visit for a few days and enjoy this quiet lifestyle.

Holmes County has the largest Amish settlement in the United States. These interesting people lead a simplistic lifestyle while displaying an outstanding work ethic, honesty and integrity plus provide some of the best “home style” cooking you will ever experience.

A tragedy in this peaceful community verified without a doubt; “life is stranger than fiction”. Picture a young Amish lady driving home in a horse-drawn buggy on a peaceful country road when a bullet falls out of the sky and kills her. Her steadfast horse continued headway over the well-known path toward home where her slumped over, lifeless body, was eventually discovered.

Sudden fear stirred in the community about malicious behavior, however, the mystery was solved when a man, approximately one mile away from the scene came forward and indicated his black powder rifle discharged into the air while he was cleaning it.
This obvious blunder was impossible to defend and rightfully creates a negative media reaction from anti-gun groups toward firearms and Concealed Carry.

Why did this happen and how could it have been prevented? We must always think clearly about Concealed Carry and gun handling. Firearm safety must be a mainstream thought in our daily lives and abiding by the “four basic rules for gun safety” should have prevented this tragedy;
• Always recognize your weapon as being loaded
• Never point your weapon at anything you don’t intend to shoot.
• Be aware of what is near your target and in your line of fire
• Keep your finger off the trigger until it’s safe to shoot your target.

Some people practice Concealed Carry for long periods of time without firing a shot and regard holiday celebrations as an occasion to “check out” their weapons and celebrate by firing them in the air. It should be evident firing a gun into the air is a violation of the basic safety rules above. This is also regarded by law as “reckless use of a firearm” and considered a felony in some states. Arizona changed their law; “firing a gun into the air” from a misdemeanor to a felony which can amount to a one-year jail sentence.

Something else to think about before pointing a gun; “the travel path of a projectile in motion is a constant safety threat until it comes to rest.”…don’t shoot unless you can determine where the bullet will end up. Accidental injury by firearms is a serious concern; one in 6,000 as compared to 34,000 vehicle deaths according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Everyone is truly impacted and saddened about what happened to this young lady and maybe this horrible experience will be a reminder to each of us how important it is to follow the rules, whether shooting for sport, or practicing Concealed Carry…continue to be safe and “keep on packin” dude.

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