Concealed Carry vs Good & Bad Cops

Police training programs are constantly being re-evaluated and updated to meet today’s ever-changing social behavior influenced by; cultural diversity, lifestyle changes & politics. The ideal cop must be in excellent physical condition plus have the moral fiber and self-discipline to become proficient at; self-defense, tactical response to threats, CPR life-saving techniques, law enforcement, and be capable of settling disputes peacefully, or, with physical force when necessary.

The list goes on…requiring whatever it takes to prevent and detect crime to maintain safety and harmony within the community. The danger of being a cop is documented each year with an average of 60,000 police officers being assaulted and 150 killed while on duty in the US. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C. is dedicated to police officers across the country that died in service. It is a great place to visit, pay homage, and learn about the history of law enforcement.

Not all policemen are “Good Cops” and out of 900,000 police officials across the country we should expect a few “Bad Cops”. A rare incident in Canton, Ohio on July 21, 2011, is a gross illustration of disgusting, non-professional police behavior. The detained, Concealed Carry, driver showed compliance and respect which headed off an even greater conflict. See video:

This highly unusual negative encounter does not compare with the tens of thousands of well-trained admirable cops that put their life on the line daily. At times we take them for granted and often don’t appreciate how important they are until assistance is needed during a personal assault or mass public threat.

We may be irrational and irritated at times when pulled over by a policeman for practicing “Indy 500” style driving skills in heavy traffic and think…Cops just don’t seem to appreciate expert vehicle handling skills and should be looking for the “real” law breakers. There are also truly innocent occasions when pulled with no actual laws broken, however, this is not a good time to “fight city hall”.

Be mindful that when a policeman approaches a law violation suspect they must proceed with extreme caution and consider a suspect as a personal threat to their lives or the community. Understanding the perils of being a policeman, constantly situated in life threatening environments, should prompt us to be exceptionally cooperative and follow the rules.

Our main focus should not be deciding whether we are talking to a good cop or bad cop, but rather be calm, show respect and understand your obligations while concealed carrying a firearm, regardless of the officer’s demeanor.

When pulled over:
• Immediately place your hands on the steering wheel after rolling down your window.
• Your first comment to the officer will be that you have a Concealed Carry license and you are armed.
• Ask for instructions on what to do next.
• Do not put your hand on or near your gun or open your door unless ordered to.
• Some policeman may appear negative, however, always be calm, listen carefully, and obey their commands.

Each state and some municipalities have their own Concealed Carry laws which may change from time to time. They can normally be found on the State Attorney General’s website. It’s a good idea to review them occasionally, especially when planning a trip. Drive carefully, respect the rules for Concealed Carry, and…”keep on packin” dude.

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