Concealed Carry Semi’s & Wheel Guns

The revolver concept, dubbed “wheel gun”, was first developed around 1818 by Elisha Collier from Boston. Sam Colt came along shortly thereafter in 1836 with the percussion cap which led to the dawn of modern day cartridge revolvers in 1856. The new technology was quickly adopted as the civil war began in 1861. Revolvers continue their popularity today with gun enthusiasts, police and security guard personnel.

The first Semi-automatic pistol, sometimes called “semi” or “pistol”, was introduced by Hugo Borchardt around 1894; however, it did not become a practical design until a few years later when John Browning introduced improved designs. His incredible “1911” design has never lost its appeal to gun owners. The basic principles of his action mechanism are still commonly used in today’s designs.

Pistols and revolvers are used for Concealed Carry and final choice is dependent upon personal taste. The most popular CCW handgun is the pistol, due mainly to its narrow width and relatively large magazine capacity options. The reliability problem dealing with jams or misfires has been greatly reduced compared to earlier designs. Clearing a jam quickly requires practice and experienced shooters do this at incredible speeds.

The revolver is a popular choice for many “open carry” professionals because of its simple design and thus higher reliability compared to the semi. Its disadvantage for concealment is due to the relatively large diameter cartridge cylinder making it more difficult to conceal plus “quick reload” options especially if engaged in a gunfight. The 45 caliber bore may allow 5 rounds whereas a 22 caliber may hold 10.

Today’s small revolvers and semi-automatics are extremely well designed to provide ultimate Concealed Carry comfort, reliability and accuracy. Some pundits will suggest choosing the largest weapon with major emphasis on “knock down power” however other experts regard this as mythical and emphasize the need for accuracy regardless of cartridge size.

Each handgun design above contains a mechanical linkage between trigger and firing pin called the “action”. The two main types are; Single Action (SA) or Double Action (DA) whereas the SA type only releases the firing mechanism when pulling the trigger and the DA will allow release of the firing mechanism when pulling the trigger plus reset the firing mechanism after the first shot.

The SA mode requires a light squeeze and short trigger stroke which is a tremendous advantage for precision shooting, however, safety becomes a greater concern if the gun is not re-set to a safe mode immediately after shooting. Accidents can occur when handling a gun with a “hair trigger” that is not de-cocked or set on safe mode immediately after a shooting experience.

The Double Action Only (DAO) handgun design works well for the ordinary Concealed Carry person who does not shoot on a frequent basis. A longer, more deliberate, trigger stroke helps prevent accidental firing. There are many DAO handguns on the market which make excellent Concealed Carry weapons with weight under 15oz and less than 6” overall length. Some of the popular manufacturers are; Beretta, Browning, Charter Arms, Colt, Glock, Kahr, Kel Tec, North American Arms, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Taurus.

Buyers need to make additional decisions like; how many hours per day do you intend to carry…are you willing to change your dress style and/or purchase special and/or larger clothing to facilitate your weapon…what kind of physical activities do you experience and how often will you be sitting at home, on the job, or in your automobile?

Careful consideration of your daily activities, body movements and clothing style is imperative for selecting the best CCW. Handguns, specially designed for Concealed Carry, will meet these requirements most effectively.

The right choice of CCW handgun & holster is not confirmed until you have carried for several days in your daily environment. Hopefully, this article will provide some initial thoughts for choosing the best firearm or holster that motivates you to…keep on packin dude.

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4 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Semi’s & Wheel Guns

  1. Joe

    I carry a Walther PPS 40 cal. in the appendix position. The only safety on the firearm is the trigger safety. With a round in the chamber, I wondered if the handgun can somehow discharge even if it is double action. Comments anyone ?



    always good articles. my only problem is the white on blue print is hard for older eyes. I SEE I CAN GET BLACK ON WHITE ON THIS PAGE THANKS FOR THAT.. A LARGER FONT WOULD ALSO HELP,



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