Concealed Carry Choices

Concealed Carry is an “art” form which appeals to each individual in a different manner rather than a “science” form indicating only one way to carry a handgun. The guys and gals on TV are made to look fearsome with their hip holsters, back holsters and shoulder holsters, but, is this best for you?

The visual impression for carrying a gun is promoted in the entertainment world to look “cool”, while the “real world” impression should be nothing more than emphasis on normal appearance. Would you feel comfortable in one of those holsters without brandishing your weapon? Maybe we should look at the genuine requirements for CCW, rather than following the Hollywood types, so we don’t end up making poor decisions.

Each person must fulfill their Concealed Carry needs, based upon personal body metrics, gun size and clothing choice. Some CCW owners have difficulties because they chose the wrong handgun size. Obviously, handgun size and weight have a direct bearing on comfort and concealment regardless of any holster style selection. Smaller weapons can give the best all-around results.

Consider the following (5) features when choosing a Concealed Carry holster that matches your personal condition;
• Select a holster for Comfort with the thought in mind you will be wearing it all day during all seasons of the year and you will also be sitting, standing and bending during this period.
• Concealment is a feature overlooked especially when shopping in the winter months. Imagine as if you are buying a gun holster to be used with your summer wardrobe. Weapons are most difficult to hide and uncomfortable to carry during this season.
• Access is perhaps the most important feature. Most of us spend the greatest part of the day sitting. Numerous encounters occur while people are in their automobile. Make sure you find a holster allowing easy access in this position.
• Dress Requirements can become costly. Select a gun holster allowing use of your current wardrobe. Avoid the need to purchase special vests or larger size trousers. This can be an indication to others you are packing.
• Universal Size gun holsters can be a great choice when owning more than one Concealed Carry handgun. They can be purchased with (2-3 day) delivery and save the cost by multiple uses.

Holster style, handgun size and body metrics are the main elements affecting the desired features noted above. If each of these features can’t be resolved with one holster, it may be necessary to purchase an additional holster and/or change dress style and/or handgun size. As mentioned earlier; it’s an art rather than a science; there is not a perfect holster for anyone.

Attaching a holster and handgun to your body is difficult to achieve without making concessions to appearance, freedom of movement and comfort, however, search for the best balance of features noted above. Sometimes we need to look at the reasons we Concealed Carry in the first place… is it all worthwhile? We will not carry without the right motives.

If you just want to look cool and are not serious about what it really takes for Concealed Carry, you won’t carry. Look for what matches your dress style, comfort, body metrics and you will find your best choice…you may not look like a Hollywood character, but you will be confident and ready for self-defense. Keep on packin dude.

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See Video: Concealment Holsters – The World’s Best Concealment Holster

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