Concealed Holster Choices

We all heard the old saying; “You get what you pay for”. Some people may find it acceptable to carry a $700 dollar handgun in a $10 dollar holster, while others pay maxim price assuming this will bring all-out satisfaction.

It just doesn’t work that way. Buyers must, first, identify their personal concealed carry needs and search for the holster meeting these requirements. Price consideration alone may be a bad decision.

Many “Look-Alike” holsters are foreign made and manufactured economically in high volumes, under different brand names. Holster manufactures, in this country, have difficulty competing with cheap foreign labor rates, however, U.S. quality and pride in our merchandise is at an all-time high.

Unique, “one of a kind”, products made in the U.S. will cost more due to special tooling, patent and trade mark protection, plus new product development testing and evaluation. The primary mission of each Concealed Carry Holster maker is to offer the best customer features.

Dress appearance, freedom of mobility and comfort will have the greatest impact on how often you will carry. Customers can search and discover over (140) holster manufactures with major variations in price, quality and product features.

Additional considerations should involve physical reach limitations and body metrics. How easy is it to reach inside the belt, behind the hip (4 o’clock position), behind the back, or, inside the leg? Trying to extend your hand to each of these locations will give an idea of comfortable reach limitations.

Holster location is also very important for comfort and concealment while sitting, or bending. The influence of personal body metrics on height, belly overhang and dress requirements will affect the type of holster you can wear.

Simply stated; you want to continue looking and feeling normal during everyday body movements and positions while carrying a concealed weapon. It may be helpful to create a “pro vs. con” list of your vital requirements e.g.; price, durability, guarantee, appearance, access, comfort, concealment, new clothing etc.

A Holster Selection Matrix tool is available for those wanting to create a “logic based” holster selection chart. Information is also acquired thru the media and talking with friends, but, it’s amazing how opinions will vary and why it’s impossible to design a “perfect holster”…no two individuals have exact body shapes, preferences or circumstances.

Three major requirements for Comfort, Concealment and Dress, are directly related to handgun “size”, “type” and holster “location”. The wrong weapon choice and holster style are usually the biggest hindrance to satisfactory Concealed Carry.

Concealed Carry Holster manufacturers create a product based upon their experience with the majority of gun owners while each individual makes a final selection based on their weapon size, comfort level, print detection, access and seasonal dress options.

Keep in mind; craftsmen are not capable of making one perfect Concealed Carry holster for all, but, understanding your body metrics, comfort tolerance, concealment and clothing choice requirements will define your best selection.

Work with what you got and keep in mind; handgun choice plus holster location are the main factors for satisfying your Concealed Carry Holster requirements. Let’s get real; most people don’t experience “perfect” concealed carry conditions, but acceptable results can be achieved from proper research…keep on packin dude.

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See Video: Concealment Holsters – The World’s Best Concealment Holster

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