Concealed Carry Hierarchy of Needs

The early Greek philosopher Aristotle, 384-322 BC, regarded “happiness” as the ultimate goal in life. Thousands of years later, in today’s societies, this direction has not changed as each of us strives to find the best and shortest path. Our forefathers made certain the “Declaration of Independence” and the “Constitution” entitled each of us to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

It’s inspiring to know one of our great philosophers along with former patriots agree on our absolute “needs”. Our adopted beliefs can be illusive at times and unclear which road will best achieve this goal; e.g. recognition, wealth, power, health, knowledge etc. Daily life results in a continuous search to satisfy the human desires leading to perfect contentment.

Many years ago in a psychology 101 class I became acquainted with a book written by a psychologist named Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) who prioritized the “needs” of humans and illustrated them as a triangular ladder image with “basic” needs shown at the very bottom of the pyramid shape. He called this diagram the “Hierarchy of needs” and indicated the first rung on the ladder must be satisfied before the second rung on the ladder is considered, i.e.; we don’t proceed to the “next level” of needs until after the lower levels are satisfied.

He described our first level “Physical” needs for food, water, clothing etc. as totally essential before we are interested in achieving the next level of needs involving “Security”. Most people in the world today feel fairly well satisfied with these two levels and strive to realize the higher needs on Maslow’s ladder such as “Esteem” (confidence, respect, achievement, recognition…) and finally “Self-actualization” (morality, creativity, acceptance, lack of prejudice, problem solving…) a level not everyone achieves.

If Abe would have recommended Concealed Carry as a means of fulfilling his second basic need for Security, he may have developed the “Concealed Carry Hierarchy of Needs”

Opinions will vary in which order these needs are satisfied, but perhaps the 1st rung should address “Lifestyle”. Concealed Carry requires adjustments to your daily routine including, mindset plus personal and social behavior in order to become a “Sheep Dog” rather than a “Sheep”.

2nd; It’s imperative to “Understand the Laws” that affect your defensive tactics…“You got to know when to hold ’em or know when to fold ’em” as the Kenny Rogers song goes.

3rd; “Know Your Weapon” so you may instinctively use it in a threatening environment along with proper handling and care in the meantime.

4th; “Practice” is the most beneficial and important procedure for mental and physical self-defense conditioning.

5th; Choose the right “Hardware”. Many people do not carry full time because they selected a weapon and holster that “prints” while wearing their choice of clothing, or is uncomfortable to carry. A small handgun is best for Concealed Carry and a well- placed shot is necessary, with any size gun, to stop an assailant. If you don’t select the right hardware, you won’t carry.

I think ole Abe’s research is right-on and want him to know I have the second rung well covered with a “380” and will continue to climb to the top of his pyramid with my Concealed Carry brothers and sisters…keep on packin dudes.

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One thought on “Concealed Carry Hierarchy of Needs

  1. William Hapner

    Michigan House and Senate has a “Higher Duty” to know the Constitution and law and to convey the truth of the law to its citizens. By violating the Citizens of Michigan’s Constitutional RIGHTS They have turned the Constitution and its Bill of Rights “into a violation the Supreme law of The united states of America!”
    Even though Republicans control the House and could have easily defeated this anti-gun scheme, one in three Republicans decided to break ranks and vote against your Second Amendment rights.
    With friends like these, who needs enemies?
    Carrying a weapon in a car is not a crime, Carrying a counselled weapon does not require me to get permission, it is my right!
    Gun owners who want a concealed weapons permit are required to ask permission from a police official or a judge, or a gun board?
    You would make me a criminal?
    THIS is an unconstitutional restraint on MY Second Amendment right to own and carry a firearm.
    Since when have we Americans been expected to bow submissively to authority and speak with awe and reverence to those who represent us?
    You want individuals to concede their Second Amendment Rights for the illusion of greater public safety!
    Murdock v Penn, 319 U.S. 105: clearly established that no state could convert a secured liberty into a privilege and issue a license and a fee for it.
    Anything that stands in the way of that right is blatantly unconstitutional. We believe that the Second Amendment right to self-protection and defense of liberty IS granted to all those eligible including everyone of legal age, and those who are not violent criminals.



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