National Concealed Carry

There was a time in this country, when we insured our sovereignty from foreign intervention with guns in each household, however, in the early 1800’s some states passed laws totally banning Concealed Carry gun ownership for average citizens. The “Heller vs. District of Columbia” case of 2008 along with other preceding cases re-verified our 2nd amendment rights to “bear arms” and opened the gates for ordinary citizens to protect themselves with a Concealed Carry handgun.

Today all 50 states allow Concealed Carry with regulations that vary from state to state and even city to city including; “shall issue” laws, “may issue” laws or “non-restricted” policies. Most states have “shall issue” laws meaning, you will not be prohibited from attaining a license by any government officials if you meet the state requirements. These conditions may cover state residency, age, criminal records, testing and training requirements

Other states have “may issue” laws which are similar to the above except local authorities have the power to deny issuance if they feel the applicant does not have the proper reasons or needs to carry a concealed handgun. They claim this to be a means of assuring “public safety” but gun owners are constantly challenging this position in court.

Actual Concealed Carry violations related to “public safety” are proving not to be a problem and eventually the laws in these states will be eventually struck down. Second Amendment rights groups are challenging the above policy and history will finally win?

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont and Wyoming have “unrestricted” carry laws meaning a Concealed Carry license is not required. The wide variation in Concealed Carry policy across the country creates a problem for citizens especially when traveling out of state.

A bill was Introduced in the House of Representatives on December 1st, 2011(HR822 & HR8543) and failed. The current administration does not have a favorable view toward universal Concealed Carry and in order for a bill to pass it must be approved, in identical form, by the House and Senate plus signed by the President. This issue will come up again in the future under more encouraging political conditions and pass with gun owner support.

States certainly have the right to make their own laws; however, we need common recognition between states on this issue. Can you imagine what a hassle it would be if you needed a driver’s license for traveling in other states with each having their own laws? This does nothing more than expose law abiding citizens to unintentionally breaking the law.

A “national standard” will make carrying your concealed firearm easy as driving your automobile out of state. Federal control of such legislation can create a dilemma for Concealed Carry entitlements and needs to be carefully scrutinized for any loss of 2nd amendment rights. Some states are softer on Concealed Carry laws which will also require congressional debates. Agreements between states regarding, Concealed Carry details such as age, training certification, competency evaluation, misdemeanor or felony records etc. must be resolved.

I am hopeful that our Congress will overcome these obstacles, without infringement on our 2nd amendment rights and create a quick and efficient universal agreement between states. It’s great that we can exercise this freedom in our country; however, we must always be mindful that, with rights come responsibilities. We must understand and obey these laws to maintain a positive image of the typical Concealed Carry person.
Look for any opportunities to support Conceal & Carry between the States without a hassle. Keep on packin dude.

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