Concealed Carry A Nuisance?

After receiving a Concealed Carry license; many people are anxious to rush to their favorite gun shop and select a quality handgun that is easy to hold and shoot. It’s easy to fall in love with such a weapon while overlooking requirements for “successful” Concealed Carry.

Larger guns provide a comfortable grip for developing shooting skills; however, difficulties may arise when carrying these weapons. Shooting proficiency with a small hand-gun becomes acceptable though practice at the range and provides much greater freedom with Concealed Carry.

There is no doubt carrying a concealed firearm can be a chore. Some veteran carriers have developed a tolerance for wearing a larger, heavier gun with special cover clothing for many years. These guys are generally very disciplined and willing to sacrifice comfort and dress style in order to present what they believe to be the most formidable reaction to a personal threat.

Most people do not want to make this much of a sacrifice in their everyday lives and choose not to carry a large, heavy weapon and holster. By all measurements; it’s more comfortable not to carry at all, but, if you have decided on armed protection; consider a handgun and holster together specially designed for comfort and concealment with ordinary clothing. Most of these weapons are in the 380 caliber and 9mm range offering adequate stopping power.

Today’s product manufactures strive to include every desirable feature for; comfort concealment, access, dress requirements, quality and durability. Selecting the best design features will insure your motivation to carry often. Sitting comfort is often neglected when selecting a holster and yet, that’s where we spend most of our time; in our automobiles, at work, home etc.

Are you in a social environment where many people are skeptical about concealed carry? Effective concealment is most easily accomplished with a holster and sub-compact handgun specifically designed for concealed carry. It allows wearing your normal dress style clothing without “printing” during different body positions.

What about seasonal dress? Summer dress is most difficult and should be a prime consideration including all of the above features. Holster selection is also predicated upon health status, physical condition and age. For example; a large belly overhand may not be compatible with an “inside the waistband (IWB)” style holsters for comfort and concealment. Others may base their holster selection upon limited range of motion due to physical impairments.

Most people want to remain average in appearance without being suspected of carrying a firearm. Be sure to consider how each of the above requirements applies to you; if you don’t you won’t carry. Time and expense is avoided when we look at all of the elements for Concealed Carry, together, before selecting any one item and if you are interested in maximum self-defense, you will need to carry at all times where permissible.

This always begs the question of comfort and dress requirements. Each of us maintains a personal life style that can be impacted by changing dress appearance with a concealed cover vest, or, oversize trousers which is a dead giveaway plus additional clothing expense.

Look at all these requirements together to develop the best combination of features for Concealed Carry. “Hauling” a gun around can become a chore therefore; select a handgun and holster that has minimum impact on your “normal” lifestyle…if you don’t you won’t be “packing” dude.

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See Video: Concealment Holsters – The World’s Best Concealment Holster

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