Concealed Carry Society

We have carried weapons for personal safety since the beginning of mankind. Our instinctive brains continue to sense predators, same as in the beginning, when we carried rocks, clubs and spears to defend ourselves and loved ones against invaders. Security Guards existed since the beginning of modern man as noted in early Greek and Egyptian history where aristocratic members of society employed the means to protect themselves and their earthly possessions. Wells Fargo came into existence in California, during the mid-1800’s gold rush days, providing Security Guard protection for people and valuable shipments.

This natural human behavior over eons of time evolved into a modern day personal survival tactic commonly called “Concealed Carry” which has become an integral part of society. Anti-gun people must understand survival is an indelible trait of human nature and handguns are the most practical and effective means for self-defense.

Some will argue; todays Concealed Carry person is paranoid about human nature, however, this is contradictory to daily media reports about citizens being accosted and victimized. We have come a long way toward “using the pen rather than the sword” to solve our differences and must continue being optimistic about the good life, but, at the same time take responsibility for personal safety.

The Concealed Carry Society has grown to well over 8 million members (since 2011) in the United States and continues at high annual growth based upon eons of “survival of the fittest” human conditioning. It is here to stay and future issues will no longer be centered on taking away guns, but, maintaining the art of Concealed Carry as a socially accepted norm.

Five major topics for sustaining a Concealed Carry Society include: Safety, Training, Behavior, Cooperation with authorities and Organizational Support. Safety is a major issue for preserving public confidence. It is perhaps the greatest reason people are against guns. The US Department of Health and Human services reports firearm accidents in decline yet there is always room for improvement and bazar things will happen along with the more common home accidents.

Proper training and/or use of weapons is becoming more necessary as we relate to public experiences from the recent past. How do we prepare and/or react in a confrontation? We can’t say enough about personal behavior when carrying a firearm. The incidents of license revocations are very low but one calamity can have great effect on the Concealed Carry Society. Cooperation with authorities is imperative. Each state and some municipalities may have their own Concealed Carry laws and it’s a good idea to review them before traveling, especially if pulled over by police. It is a reality that some citizens are horrified around guns and being aware of this may help public relations.

The Concealed Carry movement would never have been successful without supporting organizations like the NRA. A major item of current interest is the “National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2012”. The most recent efforts to pass this bill, S2188, have failed due to heavy politics but it will be proposed again and succeed with proper public support and political backing.

Advocates have been talking about this for years. Finally, you will carry outside your residing state without annoyance and fear of breaking Concealed Carry laws. This proposal will be so much simpler to understand and apply for all law abiding citizens and enforcement officials.

Personal protection will no longer be required when human nature changes which means, “The Concealed Carry Society” will be around for a long time. Continue your member support and…Keep on “packin” dude.

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