Concealed Carry Guns & Holsters

Gun historians discovered the first use of a gunpowder weapon, by the Chinese, back in the 13th century. The primitive firearm discovery consisted of a bronze, one inch diameter barrel, approximately 14 inches long weighing about 8 pounds. The principle use of explosive material has not changed, however, today’s gunpowder, bullet design, loading techniques, firearm actions, and construction materials, represent the improvements in today’s modern design.

There are different reasons for owning guns such as; hobby interest, target shooting, personal security, game hunting, or, just plain fun. What is the specific intent for your handgun and holster? Target pistols feature a long barrel with greater sight radius, comfortable grip options, excellent balance, comfort and shooting accuracy. A 22 caliber bore improves accuracy with less recoil effect keeping your weapon on target during repetitive shots. In addition; cartridges are very economical compared to other bore sizes. Extremely sensitive, low force, trigger actions are also available to enhance precision shooting.

Hunting pistols have similar requirements for accuracy; however, larger caliber bore sizes are desirable for taking down big game along with additional considerations for use in a harsh environment involving rain, dirt and temperature variations. Camouflage surface treatments are also available on some models.

Full size handguns have unique features for providing the best Home Defense protection and revolvers are probably the best choice for people who do not shoot frequently and have no knowledge, or serious interest in handguns. They are simpler to operate and more reliable with fewer moving parts compared to semi-automatic pistols. A disadvantage is they don’t have a larger capacity magazine.

Shot guns are also very effective home defense weapons and Taurus makes a handgun called the Judge which will fire a 4/10 shotgun cartridge, and/or, a 45 caliber bullet. The shotgun cartridge offers a greater chance of striking the target and creates less penetration; however, some experts feel this detracts from the stopping power of the weapon.

Any one of the above handguns may be used for Concealed Carry, but, chances are they will not meet all personal requirements to carry fulltime. Many people purchase a “multipurpose” handgun and holster for concealed carry without proper consideration for comfort, concealment, dress options, freedom of movement, or, body position. Shopping for a Concealed Carry handgun and holster is analogous to selecting a tool at the hardware store.

Each tool you look at has an intended use. Some tools are “general” purpose which will do a satisfactory job for most applications but other tools are “special” purpose.
Special purpose tools provide maximum benefits for a specific use. This is also true for handguns and holsters designed exclusively for concealed carry. Today’s small guns are extremely well designed to provide ultimate benefits for conceal carry comfort, reliability and accuracy.

Larger handguns have distinct attractive features; however, you may become discouraged when using them for concealed carry. There is no middle ground for concealed carry gun selection unless you are willing to lose some benefits.

You don’t need to fire your concealed carry weapon often, so griping comfort with a smaller weapon should not be a paramount issue. Accuracy is the most important requirement for stopping an assailant therefore shooting practice is of major importance. This will also improve your comfort level shooting a small handgun designed for concealed carry. It is sensible to carry at all times for complete self-protection and you won’t do this unless your holster and gun will fit into your normal life pattern with minimal effect on comfort and dress choices.

Owning a firearm, specifically designed for a given application, is your best choice. For example: you can bring a Chevy to the race track but don’t expect to win when you’re competing with Corvettes, Ferraris and Jaguars. Having a firearm for each occasion is the ultimate if you have the bucks, but, whatever you do…“keep on packin” dude.

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See Video: Concealment Holsters – The World’s Best Concealment Holster

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