What’s your Concealed Carry Temperament?

Are you willing to get into a gunfight over loud music, or, would you settle and argument by drawing your weapon to intimidate someone while drinking in a bar? How about shooting at someone who cut you off while you were driving?

It’s hard to make this stuff up; it really happens even though we can’t imagine ourselves doing something like this; people think differently under stressful circumstances. Medical experts claim a traumatic confrontation triggers an uncontrollable release of hormones causing heart rate increase and blood vessel constriction to prepare for “fight or flight”.

Concealed carry temperament under stress can create unacceptable reactions from individuals as shown in the examples noted. Persons, who knew the shooter in the “loud music incident”, in Jacksonville Florida, during November of 2012, were totally surprised he was involved in this terrible tragedy. He fired 10 shots into a vehicle during an argument over loud music while the victim and others were inside. There was no evidence revealed during the trial that his life was in danger, contrary to his claims, and as a result; he will spend 60 years in prison and possible re-trail for first degree murder.

A second example occurred in Ohio where licensed concealed carry is permitted in a place serving alcoholic beverages. In less than two weeks after the law went into effect; a man was in a bar under the influence of alcohol and possession of illegal drugs, brandishing a weapon during a petty disagreement.

This kind of publicity is repulsive and detrimental to the rights of concealed carry citizens plus makes a strong argument against concealed carry for “gun haters”. Fortunately; there is only a miniscule amount of concealed carry license holders that commit crimes and revoking this law will not prevent a reoccurrence of this stupidity. It would only prevent law abiding people from carrying inside bars.

A third example indicates frustrations we all experience while driving an automobile, combined with a bad attitude, could result in a “road rage” incident. Motorists in Arizona can be given a citation for “aggressive driving” if they are; laying on the horn, using high beams to blind another driver, cutting off other drivers, making or shouting rude gestures, intentionally causing harm or threatening other drivers with a weapon.

Medical professionals define Road Rage as an actual mental problem called; Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) resulting in illegal, uncontrollable behavior while driving. Everyone becomes frustrated while driving in heavy traffic; being cut off, dealing with fast drivers, slow drivers, drivers that are talking on the phone or reading etc. This is an every-day normal experience that comes with the license to drive and most have the skills to deal with it in a civil manner.

A wise decision is even more important when practicing Concealed Carry under the above aggravating circumstances. Behavior rules for good driving and concealed carry require focus on common sense; avoid irritating others, or, those who irritate us, plus always be calm and polite.

“Visual recognition” can help one to review and influence their own behavior when involved in tense situations. This is nothing more than a mental rehearsal, over and over, on what we see, hear, feel, and smell in a stressful situation which conditions our “muscle memory” on how to instinctively react in a dispute.

Being a calm, cool and polite person is the best response to non-considerate people and does wonders for health and making your day. We carry a concealed carry weapon for self-defense only. Stay away from circumstances that could lead into a deadly confrontation, be safe and keep on packin for the right reasons dude.

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