The Perfect Concealed Carry Holster

The following article is for those of us who have, over the years, been looking for the “perfect” holster. I’m somewhat amused, all of us yearned for it at some time or another…let’s fantasize what a flawless concealed carry holster style would be:

“It would locate on my strong arm side with totally unrestricted access to the degree it would jump into my hand at the speed of lightning making guys like Jerry Miculek shudder! (One of the world’s fastest shooters) It would stay in place while doing a handstand or diving off a building and be completely undetectable even if only dressed in my underwear. It would be so comfortable I would wear it to bed at night and some senior citizens would put it on and forget where it’s at.”

We could dream on further but let’s get into the real world of holster design and identify the “optimum” concealed carry holster requirements for “ordinary” concealed carry persons. It will be a most favorable, but not perfect, design because each individual has different body metrics and/or selection preferences.

The first step in designing a concealed carry holster is to establish a location on the human body that will be most attractive for keeping a handgun out of sight and offer the most desirable qualities. A broad range of concealed holster types are available with Inside the Waistband (IWB), Outside the Waistband (OWB), Shoulder, Back ,Ankle and a few Hybrid types being the most popular.

The holster maker is confronted with providing a highly functional product for self-protection. Most people will agree; the most important factors to consider in selecting a concealed carry holster are; comfort, concealment, access, dress style, body metrics and weapon selection. Each holster type requires customer judgment about which features are most prominent and their relative importance for concealed carry.

Everyone agrees; comfort is a major feature and if this requirement isn’t satisfied, people won’t carry. Customer satisfaction will vary depending on; where the holster is located, individual body shape and tolerance toward carrying a handgun.

Effective concealment is heavily dependent upon holster type, weapon size and body metrics. A smaller gun will be lighter to carry and easier to hide. A larger gun will be more accurate and easier to shoot. Some holster types require additional cover clothing such as a vest which may be contrary to normal dress style and create suspicion you are carrying a concealed weapon. Most people object to purchasing additional clothing for concealment and chose not to interrupt their preferred style of dress clothing.

What is the tactical defense plan of a prospective customer regarding self-protection…how does he or she perceive the need to use their weapon in a threatening situation…will you really have the opportunity for drawing your weapon…is “fast” draw your greatest self-defense priority? Access to your weapon is of prime importance, but,
the quickness of drawing a weapon may not be as important as avoiding a surprise encounter with an assailant.

Body metrics have a big impact on what holster works best for comfort and concealment. A large waist size with belly overhang, for example, may create problems with wearing IWB type holsters. Gun and holster manufactures offer an abundance of products specifically designed for concealed carry. Only the customer can decide which will best meet their security requirements and cause minimal impact on their lifestyle.

The proper choice of a concealed carry holster and handgun should offer motivation to carry at all times where permissible. A decision matrix involving a logical choice method is available for free and may be entertaining plus help some people choose their best concealed carry holster.
If you don’t select the correct handgun and holster…you won’t be packin dude.

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See Video: Concealment Holsters – The World’s Best Concealment Holster

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