Concealed Carry A Crime Deterrent?

I recently debated the expression; “More Guns Equal More Crime” with a highly valued friend who is a non-supporter of Concealed Carry gun ownership. We had interesting, mutually informative discussions over the years and often disagreed on the controversial subject of Concealed Carry firearm ownership. He declares we are the “most violent nation” on earth and attributes the blame to high gun ownership.

His above comments, at first, may appear credible, however, they need debunking as follows, to be truly accurate;
• More Guns Owned by “Criminals” Equals More Crime
• More Guns Owned by “Cops” Equals “Less” Crime
• More Guns Owned by “Law Abiding, Concealed Carry Citizens”, Equals “Less” Crime
• More Guns Owned by “US Soldiers” Equals “Less” Tyranny from foreign nations.

There is no doubt; guns will always be in someone’s hands and guns in the hands of criminals will cause problems for our society. Our social leaders need to get off of bashing gun ownership and look at the “root causes” of violence in this country. Some popular views are; lack of social and moral values, lack of family values, non-enforcement of our laws and “catch and release” judicial policies.

There is great diversity in the meaning of moral behavior in our society, yet, we cannot avoid statistics that indicate 40% of children are born to unmarried women and these kids tend to do worse in life, often including acts of violence plus; sadistic movies and video games are proven to be a negative inspiration to weak minded individuals.

Felony “catch and release” recidivism is very high in our criminal institutions. A study by the US Government Center for Disease Control indicated 67% of prisoners released in 1994 were re-arrested within 3 years. A 2004 survey of federal jail inmates by the Bureau of Justice Statistics revealed approximately 25% of crimes were committed to acquire money for drugs.

We are accused of being one of the “most violent nations” on earth. A closer view indicates high violent crime rates are not uniform across the nation, but, concentrated in specific major cities. Government Statistics on violent crime rates in these cities reveal the actual causes of violent crime. It must be obvious to our national leaders that weapons used for violence are illegally owned, therefore, what would be accomplished by creating “laws” to take away guns from registered owners.

Gun “lovers” and “haters” are equally interested in maintaining a peaceful environment for everyone; however, many citizens are misled by self-serving politicians. It also must be said most of our decent political leaders are under great stress and need public support, rather than constant criticism.

The gun is an inanimate object that can be put to good use by qualified, responsible concealed carry persons and guns in the wrong hands will promote more crime…that’s a “no-brainer”. Everyone, regardless of individual values, needs to openly discuss social and political issues, including concealed carry gun ownership and perhaps, someday, we will implement the real solutions to violence in our major cities plus avoid accusations of being the “most violent nation on earth.”

Concealed Carry, in the hands of qualified, responsible citizens, is a “deterrent” to crime and…also a no-brainer…keep on packin dude.

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One thought on “Concealed Carry A Crime Deterrent?

  1. Chuck Odato

    I commend the author for taking his stance. When people say that the United States of America is the most violent nation on earth, that is upsetting. Take a look at some of the countries in the mid-east where public executions are done on a daily basis There is no trial or judicial system. People are killed because of their religious beliefs or ethnicity or maybe because they own a gun. People are killed because they are American. Although there are some major downfalls in our judicial system, such as early parole for violent criminals, we are not the most violent nation on earth. I would like to ask the person who states that we are the most violent nation on earth, would he or she like to live in one of the countries I described? I wonder if they would feel more comfortable walking down the street packing a piece to protect themselves from being executed for no reason.. I disagree that the United States of America is the most violent nation on earth. I am an American and proud to be one. As long as I live in this country I will exercise my right to bear arms. I firmly believe that law abiding citizens who carry a weapon, concealed or in plain view is a major deterrent to violent crime.



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