Concealed Carry Practice

Are you prepared to Concealed Carry for the rest of your life? That’s a difficult question to answer based upon one’s unknown future, however, you can be sure changes will take place in; lifestyle, environment, gun laws, physical limits and personal motivation.

For example; at some point in your life, a shotgun in the home used for hunting and sport shooting, may have provided adequate home security. Today; the need for a wider range of security is confirmed by constant media reports on violence across the country.

Our lifestyle continues to change as we age including; home security, public activities and workplace changes, all of which can require adjustments in our Concealed Carry strategies.

When moving out of state or traveling; be sure and check local Concealed Carry laws.
One thing to be keenly aware of; city gun laws can vary from state laws. You may have a state license reciprocity agreement which does not apply to city carry laws in that state. For example; many travelers with a New York State license get in trouble in New York City for not having a special city permit to carry, even if only visiting for a moment. Remember when traveling; check the need for a permit, special gun storage or shipping instructions when going by air, car, train or bus. This sort of legislation only makes it inconvenient for the “good” guys but we have no alternative but to comply.

Growing older affects our reflexes, vision and range of mobility which may require a different Concealed Carry style and weapon choice. Many older age people are starting to carry for the first time. Physical restrictions lead to choosing a lighter handgun for much improved comfort and access. Smaller handguns will conceal better and “cross draw” style holsters allow easier access from difficult body positions as compared to reaching a “hip” or “back” holster.

Vision deterioration influences shooting accuracy. You may be able to see your sights better while using “reading glasses”, but, won’t have a clear distant target image. Laser sights help compensate for vision defects allowing greater target accuracy from any shooting stance position.

In spite of these physical challenges, people have not lost the survival instinct to protect themselves and loved ones. In fact, we may become more reliant on carrying for self-defense due to our loss of physical attributes while the infamous comment during the late 1800’s; “God Made Man & Sam Colt Made Them Equal” becomes a mission statement.

Staying physical fit is a great asset to self-defense capabilities and a major contributor to personal satisfaction. Be creative and develop a carefully planned “work out” program you can live with. Make it a simple daily routine like walking or jogging in your neighborhood. (You may want to talk with your Doctor first) There is no need to spend extra time and money driving back and forth to a health club. The benefits of exercise include improvements in; physical health, self-esteem, positive attitude and Concealed Carry skills. The cost is small for a happier and healthier life.

There may be a time when we can no longer Concealed Carry, but, we can delay it with healthy eating habits, daily exercise routines and cultivating one’s mind. Concealed Carry motivation can diminish over time and chances of continuing practice are greater if you maintain an interest in 2nd amendment rights and actively support the cause.

Don’t become lax about safety; that’s when accidents happen to anyone including professionals. Keep the basic rules of safety in mind when handling a gun and follow a safe gun storage plan. Each of us will be required to make future changes in Concealed Carry practice for continuing to provide comfort and security. Experience is always the best teacher…if we pay attention.

Roll with the changes in life, make the required adjustments and…keep on packin dude.

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