Concealed Carry Militia

Concealed Carry Militia sounds a bit crazy to some people, but something similar originated in Ohio in 1792, when Major David Zeigler announced all capable men were deemed to be members of the “militia” and required to carry at least one musket along with power flask to church on Sundays. It’s not allowable to pack heat in most churches today but, Concealed Carry laws continue to change.

A law was passed in Kennesaw, Georgia, in 1982, requiring citizens to have at least one gun plus ammunition in their home. This law is still in effect and has caused no harm to public or business activities. In Switzerland, it’s not a new idea to have a gun in the home. This practice has continued since the countries origin without negative consequences. All adult males have rifles in their home, issued by the state, amounting to more guns per person than in the US. Israeli citizens have armed themselves to deal with the numerous outbreaks over many years. Perhaps they are the best example of how armed citizens can be effective against terrorism.

It’s unfortunate, after eons of human development; we have not learned to peacefully co-exist with our fellow humans. We must continue this ultimate quest for peace along with practicing our inalienable right to self-protection. Changes in our social atmosphere today, along with technological developments, lead us to think we are more “civilized” and thus, we select Concealed Carry as a subtle means of protection.

A strong argument can be made about the inability of our Police and Military to react to some civil disorders across the country because of limited personnel. The presence of a qualified, well trained Concealed Carry Militia would establish continuous daily vigilance in all cities across the country. This group could be a “plain clothes citizen” branch, fully trained and certified by government security agencies.

There are over 8 million concealed carry license holders plus thousands of other patriots who may be willing to serve their country in this capacity. Concealed Carry people tend to be very loyal and many would welcome the opportunity to serve their country as militia members.

Qualifications would be set high, including background checks, and training would definitely involve a protocol level of tactical involvement with police and or military during a public attack. Participation may result in a severe gunfight or a mere “911” call reporting suspicious activity. There will be additional concern about “friendly fire” casualties during a public attack that includes more armed people. It will be critical; for a person, with a handgun, to know how to identify as a “good guy” and avoid being shot.

Today’s ordinary concealed carry citizens are not advised on how to react to public terrorism. Specialized training could reduce the possibility of civilian casualties which will result in an “all win” situation. Our government would achieve heightened security and concealed carry people would receive tactical training plus the honor of serving their community. It’s impossible to design a perfect defense system, but, a larger national security force involving trained citizens is a viable thought.

Anti-gun proponents will discourage such ideas with some justified concerns; however, the need for additional security personnel is always enormous when high level violence breaks out. Historical examples demonstrate successful militia involvement methods are feasible for dealing with public violence.

What do you think? Would a Concealed Carry Citizens Militia be successful? Would you volunteer? Your help may be requested one day so…give it some thought and…keep on packin dude.

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One thought on “Concealed Carry Militia

  1. Roy

    When the west was young, the local sheriff would deputize responsible local citizens to help when needed. This is not a new idea, and would definitely work if proper training and rules were applied. And, yes I would be willing to help if needed.



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