Concealed Carry Church Debate

Past shooting tragedies in churches across the country have stirred up debates to allow carrying weapons in church. The anti-gun crowd is vigorously opposed; however, it appears they will eventually lose the argument.

Back in the 1990’s when concealed carry licenses were being issued to thousands of ordinary citizens; the anti-gun crowd predicted this will “take us back to the Wild West”…there will be “shooting in the streets”.

Statistics have proven these claims to be totally inaccurate as crime rates continue to fall. Carrying a weapon in church should be no different than carrying in public places and hopefully our legislators will eventually “see the light”.

I can hardly wait to demonstrate to the anti-gun people there is nothing to worry about when that day comes; I will put on my cowboy boots and spurs, strap on my silver clad, black leather cartridge belt and outboard Colt 44 revolver, plus Stetson cowboy hat and attend the 9AM Sunday Mass.

What a great day it will be: The greeters will be stunned as they quietly admire my 10 gallon hat, “44 hog leg”, pointed toe boots and silver spurs. People will probably stare and not say much in the entrance area, thus making it quieter in church, except for occasional sobs from women and children.

Everyone will make plenty of space for me as I walk down the aisle, just before Mass, and a little old lady will offer me her seat…in fact, the whole pew empties just for me.
The celebration starts as the nervous priest notices me and utters the Lord’s name. His sermon is short and pleasant with no requests for future money.

People are very generous as I pass the collection basket. One person had no money, but, threw in his watch. The gentleman next to me displayed deep religious faith as he kept repeating the sign of the cross. The petrified choir was a little off key, but, I think everyone liked, my, singing.

As we walk out of church after Mass and Father is greeting people; He reminds me that I am no longer obligated to attend Sunday Mass. My fellow parishioners were extremely polite as I drove out of the parking lot and they all patiently waited behind their cars.

I’m sure that’s the way it will be when we are able to carry in church…won’t it be great…In the meantime…keep on packin dude.

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6 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Church Debate

  1. Mike Shelton

    I am also the Pastor of a Church in a town with high crime. I have been threatened in my office. When I tried to refer those who “needed help” to our local faith based help services and when they found out I can’t give cash, well… I am 6’4″ tall and can handle myself. I am not a spring chicken anymore. Having my handgun on my person, is just an added layer of protection. I pray I never have to use it. I live in LibTard California….but I would rather be alive to answer the police than have my wife and son get a phone call……I use your Stealth Holster…under a polo…no one knows….


  2. lwk2431

    Don’t know what the big deal is. I carry a concealed handgun in church (legally in Texas) every Sunday. Concealed carry makes more sense – the bad guy doesn’t know you’re armed so you can give him a real big surprise if it comes down to it. Not so if you have a big “hogleg” strapped on for him to see – he will take you out first.




    1. Elmer Speer

      I carry every day at church. No law in PA that I know of and the local LEO has no problem if the church doesn’t. Since I am the Pastor, I have no problem with it.



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