Concealed Carry Vigilance

It ALMOST happened again…gun shop salesman, Greg Ebert became suspicious when selling firearms products to a customer, Naser Abdo, who later admitted to the police he was planning another terrorists attack on Fort Hood in Texas servicemen. Thanks to Greg Ebert, innocent lives were preserved. He deserves a good citizen award for his awareness and reporting a customer’s doubtful behavior. His experience with firearms made him suspicious when Abdo displayed abnormal conduct during the purchase.
Ebert is a prime example for all of us to follow. People regard him as a hero but he claims he was just doing his job. Wouldn’t it be great if each of us could just “do our job” being aware of strange people and circumstances in our daily lives. A common excuse people use when refraining is; “I did not want to get involved”
There are occasions where the public is taken completely by surprise. Alertness must become our main security effort. Our community is safer when we, the citizens, are more observant of actions within our daily environment.
Most Concealed Carry people have some training which makes them more sensitive to irregular experiences. They can be a great contribution toward a safer society and it is impossible for police officials alone to stop this; they need our help. Times are critical and we must get involved.
We must also understand our involvement amounts to reporting an incident, like calling “911”, and responsible concealed carry practice.
All citizens need to understand this great country is our property and we need to join together in protecting it. We will continue to be plagued by threats from vicious terrorists and mentally impaired sicko’s, but, Concealed Carry vigilance can stop future incidents. Stay alert in public and…keep on “packin” dude.
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3 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Vigilance

  1. stealthdefenseholsters Post author

    I apologize for offending you or anyone who is ill beyond their volition; however, I do believe there are other forms of mentally impaired individuals who willfully commit heinous acts of slaughtering men, women and children for their cause. These are the “sickos”. Thanks for your valuable opinion.


    1. Anonymous

      Thank you for the clarification. I do enjoy your weekly article. Thank you for the quality tips and timely reminders.
      BTW I own several holsters, and my Stealth Defense Holster is my holster of choice. The only times I don’t use it are some days when I know that I am going places where I can’t carry, and I need to be able to quickly and discreetly disarm and arm. For all day comfort though, your holster can’t be beat!


  2. Royce

    Really?!?! “mentally impaired sicko’s”??? Would you call someone one who went into a diabetic coma while driving and ran their car into others and thus killing them a “sicko”? Why would you do that to someone who suffers from mental illness? The only difference between the two is one killed because of a defect that impaired their pancreas, and the other because of an illness that affected a different organ, their brain! I am far from a bleeding heart, but come on and join the 21st century and realize that those who are mentally ill are just that, ill. Should they have access to firearms? Absolutely not, but they are not “sicko’s”!!!



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