Concealed Carry: Time out for Christmas

Christmas is a joyful celebration by people all around the earth. It’s a “time out” from world problems to extend our “best wishes” to Christians, Jews, Muslims and others regardless of political and philosophical beliefs.

Christians celebrate the birth of a great Person who lived 2,000 years ago. There is no need to proselytize about his divinity, or, philosophy, but, consider him a person to be trusted with total confidence. Followers from all Religions likewise exhibit a mutual respect for each other’s beliefs.

Trust continues to be a principle element for establishing peaceful coexistence with neighbors in our “secular” world today, however, it is naive to believe Concealed carry should be eliminated and reliance on individuals should exist without verification.

We will continue arming ourselves in the unforeseeable future, but, small improvements in mutual trust will expand peaceful coexistence and quality of life. Displaying such faith in each other, on Dec 25th, is an encouraging omen for the future.

Have a Merry Christmas;
God bless you and your loved ones.

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