Caliber Size for Concealed Carry?

A FBI study suggests .22 Caliber guns are responsible for most shooting deaths and “Knockdown” power of a hand gun is an erroneous and meaningless concept.  This report;  indicates target accuracy is paramount over caliber size in choosing a weapon.  The main objective in a gun fight is to cause “immediate incapacitation” which is not directly related to gun caliber size.  This is when a bullet strikes vital organs such as brain or upper spinal cord.  A shot to the heart can still allow 10-15 seconds of bodily function before completely immobilizing an adversary. 

Police officers are trained to take multiple shots at target center mass which is the most effective tactic for stopping an assailant because it  presents the highest probably of actually hitting the target under hazardous circumstances.  Center mass, bullet penetration and cavity size are regarded as next most significant factors for stopping aggressors. 

Credibility in this report indicates smaller caliber weapons can be very effective for concealed carry use.  It’s not about knocking you opponent down with impact force; it’s about accuracy and penetration.  Shooting precision is hindered by large caliber weapons because greater recoil forces take the gun off target.

Caliber size also has a bearing on overall weight and size of a handgun which has a direct impact on motivation to concealed carry.  If you don’t choose proper gun and holster features you will not carry often, or, at all.  Large bore handguns are awesome to hold and shoot; however, caliber size should not be the first consideration for concealed carry.

Comfort, concealment and dress preference, needs to be addressed; otherwise, concealed carry will be discouraged.  That is one reason why .380 caliber handguns are highly recommended by some experts.  Sometimes, concessions must be made when choosing concealed carry hardware and “big bore” handguns may cause comfort and concealment problems.

Putting on a holster and gun rig should be ordinary and comfortable like putting on your shoes each morning.  Fulfilling comfort, concealment and dress requirements will encourage you to make unhindered judgments about when and where you want to carry for security.  Keep on packin dude

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One thought on “Caliber Size for Concealed Carry?

  1. mschapmannra

    As a female instructor who often gets asked by the ladies what caliber to carry, I always reply that the best defensive pistol caliber is the one they themselves can operate safely, reliably, and comfortably. It’s that simple. Ask 10 gun owners which caliber is best and they’ll give you 20 answers. Thank you for remaining neutral!



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