Concealed Carry & Thanksgiving

(Perhaps this annual article will urge some of you “old timers” to reminisce about one of your favorite Thanksgiving celebrations.)

I was 12 years old on a Thanksgiving Day morning when dad asked me if I would like to go rabbit hunting with him, for a few hours, while mom was preparing the most enjoyable feast of the year.  What a thrill is was to go hunting with a great sportsman and family provider while using his 20 gage, bolt action, Sears & Roebuck shot gun for the first time.

He taught me hunting skills and safety practice in prior years while owning a BB gun.  Money was scarce in those days and hunting game was an exciting event that also put food on the table.  This was my first day to demonstrate skills as a hunter and family provider on that early morning when I bagged two rabbits within the first 15 minutes.

Dad was overwhelmed; my heart was pounding out of control while I envisioned no further need for my Daisy Red Rider BB gun, and, before the morning was up, he added four more with his “trusty” 12gage double barrel shotgun that never missed.

During those years, I had no idea comfort with guns, safety awareness and the need for protection in today’s society would encourage me to Concealed Carry.  Good citizens then owned guns mainly for the purpose of sport shooting and hunting.  Some anti-gun extremists now claim; hunting is no longer required and we should all get rid of our guns, but, will criminals agree to this “bright” idea?

 Their obvious non-compliance is why Concealed Carry is quickly gaining recognition in the United States from more than 8 million people.  Our social environment is changing and guns will continue to serve as tools for hunting and sport shooting while Concealed Carry becomes the major demand for domestic firearms.  Favorable Concealed Carry behavior promotes respect and acceptance from the general public the same as good hunting and shooting sport practice has done in the past.

Thanksgiving was declared an official holiday by Abe Lincoln in 1863.  Let’s thank our God for this great country plus help someone in need.  I sincerely wish each one of you a Happy

Thanksgiving…Be Safe and Keep on Packin dude.

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