Concealed Carry Stopped By Police

Each state and some municipalities have their own concealed carry laws which may change from time to time.  It’s a good idea to review them occasionally and be aware of your obligations, especially if pulled over by police.

If this happens to you while traveling in Ohio, for example, here is what you need to do.

·         Immediately place your hands on the steering wheel after rolling down your Window.

·         Your first comment to the officer will be that you have a concealed carry license and you are armed.    

·         Ask for instructions on what to do next. 

·         Do not put your hand on or near your gun or open your door unless ordered to.

Detailed information is available for individuals in each state allowing concealed carry and is generally found at the Attorney General’s website. An example is shown for the Ohio Attorney General’s website  You may also try the NRA’s website listing

It’s important to understand the policeman’s point of view when approaching someone with a concealed firearm.   They must take every precaution recognizing each confrontation as a potential threat to their life.  Some policeman may be nervous and appear negative, however, always be calm, listen carefully, and obey their commands.  

If you are planning to travel with a concealed firearm in other states, be sure and check for reciprocity agreements and legal carry laws.  This information can also be found at the NRA website mentioned above.  Drive carefully, respect your right to carry be safe and keep on packin dude.  

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