Concealed Carry Decisions

Handguns date back to the 16th century, but, it wasn’t until the 1830’s when a gun maker from Philadelphia named Henry Derringer developed the first “Concealed Carry” handgun.  Derringer products are still available including many similar manufacturers.  Today’s concealed carry guns are also called sub compact pistols, pocket pistols, belly guns, mouse guns and so on…They are extremely well designed for comfort and concealment, however, with some disadvantages compared to larger weapons. 

Why not carry a larger gun which has more power plus it’s easier to hold and shoot?  This works great at the range but how many times a week do you expect a self-defense “shoot- out” using your concealed carry weapon?  Statistics indicate 95% of all gun fights are within 21 feet and half are within 5 feet plus the average gun fight lasts 3 to 5 seconds with only 3 to 4 shots fired.  

Other studies have indicated target accuracy and penetration are the most important self-defense shooting effects in stopping an attacker. Unfortunately under stressful conditions one doesn’t take time for precise shooting, therefore using the awesome “big bore” 1911 with a long stack magazine or a “380” with the 6-shot clip becomes irrelevant…accuracy is the name of the game.  

Perhaps the major elements of self-defense should be based on alertness and shooting skills to avoid a surprise attack.  Choosing the most suitable Concealed Carry weapon and holster can be decided upon by actual self-defense statistics.  It makes good sense that a person interested only in self-protection should purchase a weapon and holster created exclusively for concealed carry.  The features they offer will encourage full time concealed carry satisfaction. 

There is a huge comfort difference between a 12 ounce and 26 ounce hand gun after carrying for long periods.  The low profile sights of a concealed carry weapon are designed to avoid snagging on your holster.  Short overall gun lengths and narrow widths are much easier to hide and avoid printing.  In addition you will also have more freedom to wear your normal choice clothing.  

Gun handling proficiency improves with practice, however, during an encounter we might not have the time, or instinct, to use correct shooting principles.   A laser sight attachment offers a tremendous advantage in shooting capability especially from single handed or awkward positions.  They will get you on target quicker and available for most concealed carry handguns.  

Many hand gun styles are available today.  Purchase a weapon specifically designed for concealed carry.  If you don’t give proper consideration to weapon and holster selection for all day comfort, concealment and personal dress requirements… you won’t carry…keep on packin dude. 

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One thought on “Concealed Carry Decisions

  1. john cotter

    excellent=== rthe laser reference. I have the xdm with viridian cl5 and really like it but doesn”t work with your holster.



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