Concealed Carry or Constitutional Carry

Constitutional Carry, as I understand it, is the right to carry a firearm without any required training, personal evaluation or special license.  It has been approved by four states Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming.  There are 11 other states proposing the same legislation: Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Montana, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Maine, and New Hampshire.  

This legislation is in its early stages and can vary in some states, but what I have seen thus far will give individuals the “right” to open carry without any license and/or certification.  No permit is required, which means no training.  It appears to become an invitation for non-qualified people to carry a gun.

I am a strong believer in our second amendment rights to own weapons for self-protection; however, we must properly define who has these rights.  A person has rights only when he is deserving, or capable of them without jeopardizing the rights of others. 

We don’t allow felons to legally carry a weapon because; they have lost their right by breaking the law. We also need to take careful measures preventing incompetent people from carrying.  How can individuals “safely” carry weapons without proper knowledge about them?  This is fuel for the anti-gun people and rightfully so.  I don’t get it; certified trainers have played a vital role in qualifying individuals to carry and now; some legislators are indicating this is no longer necessary.

There has always been camaraderie between concealed carry license holders.  We all recognize and respect each other because of our common experiences with training, safety and respect for firearms.  I’m sure most people, who decide to carry a handgun, will want to learn about handling skills, safety plus general knowledge of firearms and register for a training class.  I’m not concerned about them…it’s the people who see no need for training that make me feel uneasy.

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4 thoughts on “Concealed Carry or Constitutional Carry

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Al, once man thought the Earth was flat. The fact is common sense must always be applied to everything we do and or how we act. Example sniper’s were all but gone after the first
    war, the information had to be re-learned by some old timers and original field manuals.
    Today we have some of the very best snipers/target shooters in the world.
    Man, once carried fire arms every day, everywhere. What the question should be is ” Are we
    moving foreword, or are we regressing? ” We can not protect every person everywhere, however
    we can let people choose to protect themselves. I will not vote that right away, I would rather
    take the risk or error on the side of caution. ILLIGITIMUS NON CARBORUNDUM


  2. WHAP

    What is the problem, in Michigan you CANNOT get into your car, or carry counseled, with having to pay the state a fee to get a permit. Don’t worry about the people who want to defend their family, WORRY about the crooked politicians who are STEELING YOUR RIGHTS!


  3. Dave Pidcock

    I agree… To allow just “Anyone” to possess a concealed carry weapon without some proper training along with education and definite investigation would be clasified in the area of sheer stupidity.



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