Concealed Carry Precaution

Have you ever thought about what people think of you as a concealed carry person?  Many people are against 2nd amendment rights and their reactions could cause negative consequences for you.

Some of the comments I have gathered from conversations with anti-gun people are: “People who carry guns are dangerous”…”Stay away from them; they might decide to shoot you”…”If my child sees a person carrying a gun it will horrify them”…”These people are fanatics”…”It’s like the wild west”.

Most of these opinions stem from a plethora of negative information circulated in the daily media.  I have also found rebutting these comments is futile.  Unfortunately, these are natural and understandable human reactions based upon fear due to lack of experience and/or knowledge about weapons.

We must be aware of this mentality and understand it could cause a sad dispute as noted in the following example.   A man, with a concealed carry license, was killed in Las Vegas due to anti-gun reactions based upon fear and panic:  A store clerk noticed a concealed weapon under Erik Scott’s shirt, while he was shopping, and called “911”.

The police arrived if full force expecting and encounter with a dangerous person.  This fear and suspicion lead to the shooting death of an innocent person by the Las Vegas police.  We need to be mindful of such public views and act wisely to assure our own safety.  Police officers are trained to respond in a logical and objective manner however that doesn’t always happen. 

Based upon the above experience; It may be helpful to avoid a confrontation by effectively concealing your weapon.  If the public doesn’t know your carrying; there is no cause for fear.  Select a weapon and holster combination that gives you complete concealment.

Also; when approached by an officer; keep your hands visible and away from you weapon; calmly state you have a concealed carry license and are armed; Ask for instructions on what to do next.  

 Historical data on concealed carry license revocations indicates a very small percentage of people misuse their right to carry.  Time, logic and statistics are on the side of concealed carry which will eventually persuade others of its true identity.  Keep on packin safely dude.

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