Concealed Carry on College Campus?

Lots of “Tweets” and “blog” comments are gushing through cyberspace on this subject.  So much of the rhetoric is an emotional obstruction to a reasonable and just solution.  Our society has deemed students responsible to vote, drive automobiles and fight for our country etc.  

The question we must ask is; Are college students emotionally mature enough to concealed carry?  I am not impressed with some of the behavior illustrated on college campus however this does not justify denying everyone their 2nd amendment right to self-protection.  A qualified individual who passes a driver’s test has the right to a license and likewise a competent, certified person has the right to a concealed carry license.  Should we prevent everyone from driving automobiles because of a few law breaking, irresponsible drivers?  Are we concluding that all college students are incapable of concealed carry?

There are plenty documented incidents of school related violence to demonstrate the need for concealed carry on campus.  The real issue is that, for concealed carry, we must create regulations and training which will assure campus safety.   This set of conditions should certainly include mental and physical competence, no felony records etc. and what about training?  Conventional training should be expanded to include, reacting to lethal threats in a crowded environment.

Strict penalties must be applied for those who disrupt concealed carry laws including    first  offense license revocation.  The greatest impediment to concealed carry on campus will be improper training and/or lax enforcement of the rules.  It’s great that we have such freedoms in this country however the required price of individual discipline and responsibility must be paid. 

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