A Recipe For Concealed Carry

Choosing that first weapon for Concealed Carry can be difficult without actually experiencing gun concealment including preferred dress style and daily activities.  It would be nice to buy (2) hand-guns, the 1st for gaining experience and afterwards, the 2nd based upon real practice, however, most of us can’t afford that luxury.

The same goes for holsters; How many times have you heard; “I have a box full of holsters”.  We need to give deep thought to satisfying our personal needs for comfort, concealment and dress requirements when choosing a hand-gun and holster, otherwise, we won’t carry.

The need for your weapon is unpredictable, therefore, seriously consider carrying at all times when permitted.  An excellent article: “Concealed Carry Methods” by Chuck Hawks pertains to weapon and holster choice.

Most important of all, don’t forget safety.  When not using your weapon make sure it it’s locked using accessories required by your state or gun manufacturer.  Concealed Carry is an art, not a science, meaning each of us will have individual preferences for gun size and method of carry.  This will vary due to daily activities, physical conditions and experience with hand guns.

Check it out thoroughly and maybe you will only need one concealed carry gun and one concealed carry holster.


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