Concealed Carry; Power of the People

The Egyptian revolution of 2011 is a preview of what could happen in this country. People joined together arming themselves with rocks, shovels, knives, bottles etc. to protect their family and possessions from looters.

This is a dismal and costly way to resolve a conflict but also a realistic view of what is happening in other countries today. The explosive reactions of the people in Cairo is the result of pent up anger festering for more than 20 years.

Obvious lessons can be learned from their experience. The trust in our government officials is appallingly low, yet political involvement of the average US citizen is disgraceful. Citizens need to wake up and get involved.

We must not allow our dissatisfaction with government policies to escalate over time. This country can only be properly regulated by the constituency through; frequent contact with representatives, voting and maintaining the right to Concealed Carry.

This is our country and if we don’t get involved, it will eventually belong to someone else. The Constitution is our guide to preserving this great nation; however, we must understand and protect it from misuse, including our 2nd amendment “right to bear arms”.

I don’t think our forefathers envisioned all of the reasons for the right to own firearms in our daily lives, but, they did anticipate the need for people to have this power and capability to protect their inalienable rights.

I sincerely hope we will be able to resolve any issues in this country without violence, as in Egypt, but, if it happens I want to be armed. The world is changing as concealed carry inherits new responsibilities.

Citizens have the obligation to take care of themselves…police etc. can’t, or, may refuse as happened at one point in Egypt. There is no doubt we are better off with concealed carry in the hands of qualified citizens rather than rocks, bottles, etc. for family protection. Keep on packin dude.

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