Concealed Carry; Are We Trained Enough?

How does a Concealed Carry person react, in a crowded environment, when a gun fight suddenly erupts?  Today, public threats from terrorists, villains and mentally ill people are not uncommon.

Many people have been killed, as noted, in some of the more recent mass shootings that took place in our churches, schools, theaters and even an army base:

  • April 1999; 12 people were killed and 26 wounded at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO.
  • March 2005: A man murdered 7 and wounded 4 church members during a service in Brookfield Wisconsin.
  • April, 2007: 32 people were massacred at Virginia Tech, the deadliest shooting in modern US history.
  • Nov 2009: A shooting rampage at Fort Hood, in Texas, ended with 13 people killed and 30 injured by an Army psychiatrist!
  • July 2012: A mentally sick person killed 12 and injured 70 in a Colorado movie theater.
  • Dec 2012: A 20 year old deranged man killed 20 children and 6 adults in the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut.
  • April 2013: Two “pressure-cooker” bombs were exploded, killing 3 and injuring 264 others, as they watched the Boston Marathon race.

Thousands of people, across the country, are getting their Concealed Carry license each month, but, are we properly trained to defend ourselves in a crowded shopping mall etc.?

Gunfights should always be avoided, however, that may not be possible in one of the above scenarios.

Some thoughts on this subject may help to react more effectively during a mass shooting: 

  • Has anyone called “911”?
  • Should I take cover, or run for safety
  • How dangerous is this threat…you can only shoot someone if you’re defending one’s life.
  • Is it one individual or several?
  • Are innocent people blocking your target thus creating a friendly fire threat? 
  • How do you identify the “good” and “bad” guys with guns?
  • Keep your weapon down until required to shoot at the target.  Someone may identify you as the villain.

Police and security people are trained for these situations and have procedures for reacting.  It would be great if a version of this training would be available for Concealed Carry owners.

It’s going to happen again and reactive training for the ordinary guy would be highly beneficial if it were included in CCW classes.  Keep on packin dude.


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