Concealed Carry Requires Being Alert

One of the most important personal factors involved with Concealed Carry is; when, and how do I use my weapon in a threatening situation? We could develop many different scenarios but let’s look at a general experience we all may have on a frequent basis.

Let’s say you are walking through the parking lot to your car, at the shopping mall, and you see a suspicious person walking toward you; what to you do? Put your hand on your Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) without removing it from the holster and at the same time; change the direction you are going to evade this person.

 You have just made (2) effective decisions for personal safety without violating any laws. You have also sensitized yourself both mentally and physically for a swift response to an actual encounter without brandishing your weapon or intimidating your would-be assailant in a false alarm situation.

 If you are in your automobile and a person pulls up close to you at a traffic light and is making aggressive gestures and shouting at you; make sure your doors are locked and leave the scene as soon as possible.

Remember escaping the scene should be your first option in all cases, however, be certain you have easy hand-on access to your CCW for a quick response. This is difficult to accomplish, in the sitting position, with some concealed carry holster designs and a gun in the glove compartment can take too much time.

No matter what the circumstances are; be calm, aware and confident plus remember; the best gun fight is the one that didn’t happen. Keep on packin dude.


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