Expired Concealed Carry

What happens when you are pulled over while driving with an expired Concealed Carry license plus a gun in the car?  You may not be aware of breaking any laws but the police can land you in big trouble, or, excuse you with a warning if you’re lucky. The most certain way to be “lucky” is, keep your license up to date and understand the state Concealed Carry laws where you are driving.

A Tennessee man was stopped while traveling in Delaware by a policeman who confiscated his gun and arrested him on a felony charge, because, he had an expired license plus a loaded gun in the glove compartment. The charges were later dropped, but, it brought him ample stress, loss of personal time and money.

Some states will mail you a renewal notice, including application forms, within a specific period before your license expires.  The application can be returned in the mail including, fee payment and completed forms.  There is also a grace period, after your license expires, however, an additional fee is charged for renewal. 

Check your individual state for specific regulations because policies will vary.  Going beyond the grace period may void your license and require starting over with an application for a new permit including training classes and range time.

If you moved to another state; become aware of reciprocity agreements to determine if your license is transferrable or honored in that state.  You can also do an internet search by typing in “concealed carry license renewal (include your state)”.

Updated periodic training may not be required as a part of license renewal, but, perhaps it may someday become necessary.  Check your license expiration date, write it down as a reminder and…keep on packin dude.


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