Exposed Concealed Carry

What happens when you expose your Concealed Carry handgun? A woman was arrested in Chesterfield County, Virginia for “brandishing” a firearm, at a school bus stop, because her daughter was “being bullied”. Brandishing your weapon to threaten someone is obviously illegal, however, what happens if it is exposed unintentionally?

Keeping your Concealed Carry weapon out of sight is the law in most states, and, it also might avoid major problems. A man was killed, by a police officer, in a Las Vegas shopping store when his Concealed Carry weapon was unintentionally exposed to store employees who became alarmed and called the police. The incident resulted in a court dispute to decide who was at fault, but, the tragedy clearly started with an exposed handgun.

Another person told me of his experience, when visiting his mother in a South Dakota nursing home, as he wore a 357 magnum pistol with a cover vest. Someone noticed his” undercover” weapon and called the police who meet him with (4) cruisers in the parking lot. No charges were filed, but, it was certainly disturbing.

Unintentional brandishing can cause some people to panic and get an innocent, licensed Concealed Carry person into a troublesome situation regardless of your legal rights. The problem arises from public reaction and some people choose not to “open carry”, where it is legal, because of this condition.

It’s frustrating to see how some people react to Concealed Carry and it cautions one to; be sensitive to public anxiety, understand the laws, conceal you weapon effectively by recognizing your exposure possibilities with different body positions.

Perhaps someday most citizens will better understand Concealed Carry and one other thing for sure; if a law enforcement officer gives you a command when stopped for questioning; offer your fullest respect and cooperation.
Keep on packin dude.


2 thoughts on “Exposed Concealed Carry

  1. dan

    Just goes to show that the American people are so far removed from the open carry was was this country,and how much miss -education they have been exposed to regarding the ownership of weapons,ie. guns…they need to be re educated as to the Constitutional 2nd amendment and the normal display of firearms…imho



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