Cyber Wars & Concealed Carry

The media reports that daily “cyber-attacks” take place, from around the world, on US government and major business computer networks. These hits today are mostly unsuccessful, but, considerable intelligence information has already been breached, and, without proper vigilance; our entire infrastructure could be disabled.

It is realistic that future “cyber-wars”, between nations, could be fought without conventional weapons, yet totally paralyzing our country. Guns are effective, during conventional face to face warfare; however, with cyber-attacks the enemy is invisible, except, when physically entering the US they would face more than 8 million Concealed Carry citizens plus additional millions of other firearms.

Advanced technology has a deep effect on maintaining national security, but, personal protection weapons will also continue providing service for many years.
Handgun technology continues to advance with; more powerful cartridges, greater reliability, light weight designs and laser sight improvements.

It’s exciting to imagine what future Concealed Carry weapons will look like while reflecting on yesterdays “flintlock” design pistol which was heavy, unreliable, inaccurate, and difficult to load and shoot plus tough to conceal compared to today’s amazing pistols and revolvers.

So much of today’s technology is born in the imagination of science fiction writers who have brought us rocket ships, cell phones, robots and drones etc. A day is coming when advanced research engineers will develop “smart” bullets, tiny “drones” or laser-guided “missile bullets”, for Concealed Carry handguns.

No matter where high-tech takes us; Concealed Carry will always remain a part of “American heritage”. Continue to enjoy your handgun along with baseball, and apple pie, plus…keep on packin dude.


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