Concealed Carry Zoning

Why can’t you carry anywhere? This question continues to be addressed, by Concealed Carry advocates, in each of our 50 states. What’s the difference if you are carrying a concealed weapon in public, in class, in church, a government building, or, on an airplane and, why should laws differ in each state?

Maybe you’re not able to carry in church because of being tempted to rob the collection basket, or, your priest, or minister, doesn’t want to feel threatened each time he or she gives a bad sermon? Actually, there are serious concerns about Concealed Carry in church or on campus and certain public places; however, proponents of Concealed Carry feel that it would be “for the greater good” if properly qualified and trained people could exercise their right to protect themselves rather than being slain like sheep.

At some Colleges; you are not allowed to Concealed Carry on campus for self-protection, however, it’s ok for that same person to carry a weapon in the military for protecting our country. There are Colleges that currently allow Concealed Carry on campus in; Colorado, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin while other states are witnessing these favorable results.

Some places of worship also allow Concealed Carry, during church services, for good reasons. A study; “Security in a Church”, from 1999 to 2013, indicates a total of 235 people have been killed in church incidents.

Too many of today’s legislative decisions are influenced by politics and fear, but, future Concealed Carry laws will be established from favorable statistics. Perhaps, if good results continue, we will be able to carry anywhere. It’s all about the “well-behaved” reputation of Concealed Carry advocates…be patient, more freedom is on the way…keep on packin dude


2 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Zoning

  1. lwk2431

    “Actually, there are serious concerns about Concealed Carry in church or on campus and certain public places;…”

    Why would there be _more_ concern in those place than others? I routinely carry in church and it is legal in Texas if the church is not properly signed as prohibiting it.




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