Concealed Carry for Dads

The third Sunday in June is set aside, in the United States, to celebrate “Father’s Day” which is observed in other countries, on different dates, throughout the world. The first official observance of Father’s Day was in Spokane, Washington in 1910. Historians indicate different motives were responsible for implementing this day of remembrance.

Business retailers discovered that celebrating “Mother’s Day” increased product sales and therefore, were very supportive in creating “Father’s Day”. Holiday celebrations start with altruistic intentions to honor people or events, but, their major success is created by business retailers interested in selling their products.

Dads have traditionally accepted responsibilities as; provider protector, teacher, friend, decision maker, family and community leader. Without a doubt, Moms also assume these responsibilities, especially, if the Father is not present. Concealed Carry training offers family protection which is becoming a major choice for today’s Dads.

Concealed Carry practice, by fathers, can also be an example for kids to learn about firearm safety, protection and sport shooting at the range. It’s a bonding opportunity to do something together. Fathers have a great influence on a child’s happiness, development and future success. Studies indicate that one of the major reasons for violence in communities across the country is attributed to children without dads

Being raised in a household with a dad is a good indication that a child will lead a happy and successful adult life. All of us are not fortunate to have dads, but, may now have an opportunity to teach a child about the practice of Concealed Carry and handling firearms.

In addition to receiving a shirt or necktie for Father’s Day; you might consider being a great Dad by taking your kid to the shooting range…keep on packin dude.


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