Concealed Carry & Eddie Eagle

We are all familiar with the National Rifle Association fundamental safety rules, when a gun is “in our hands”:
• “Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction”
• “Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot”
• “Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use”
What about the “fundamental” rules when a gun is “not” in our hands? Accidental shootings, involving children or negligent persons, often occur when we are not in control of our weapon. Statistics widely disagree on how often this happens relative to other incidents, but, everyone agrees this is a serious concern. Accidental child injuries, from firearms in the home, are probably the strongest argument against firearm ownership. The NRA sponsors an “Eddie Eagle program” which is helpful for educating young children how to act around guns.

Perhaps fundamental rules should be written for when a gun is discovered by the “wrong” hands:
• Always assume amateurs will “not” point the gun in a safe direction
• Always assume amateurs “will” put their finger on the trigger
• Always assume amateurs will “not” understand if the gun is loaded
A gun safe is an effective way of keeping firearms out of the wrong hands. They are an economical insurance policy which can also protect you against theft. Responsibility is a major requirement when “not using” a gun as well as when “using” it.

“Preaching to the choir” is not necessary, but, it always helps us sing a little better…be safe and keep on packin dude.


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