Concealed Carry vs. Moral Character

Political officials usually pass legislation that ends up with thousands of pages of complicated text, written by non-elected officials, behind closed doors, which is unacceptable to most citizens. We now have the opposite approach in bill HB183, currently being discussed for Concealed Carry in Chicago, containing a lack of wording that states; everyone who practices Concealed Carry should practice “good moral character”.

Just what does this mean? Are you a good husband or wife, mother or father, social worker, church attendee? Were you in the Scouts? Have you ever worked for Mother Teresa? We cannot rely on each police official making decisions on such a wide interpretation of the law. Each Concealed Carry requirement must be exactly stated in the written legislation to avoid bias from; pro or anti-gun positions, politically parties or personal beliefs. The proposed wording interpretation is too general and could give police authorities power to accept or reject issuing a license based on personal judgment.

Our 49 other states currently have seasoned Concealed Carry laws which serve as experienced guide lines for constructing Illinois laws. There is no doubt that good gun laws will contain good morals; however each written moral requirement should be specifically stated rather than generalized as “good moral character”.

Illinois legislators have an opportunity to pick the best of the best from 49 other states, consisting of laws that have survived over time. Our legislators should also recognize that Concealed Carry laws are not observed by the bad guys, so make them acceptable for the good guys. We welcome our friends in Illinois to Concealed Carry on June 9. Good Luck, be safe and…get ready for packin dude.


5 thoughts on “Concealed Carry vs. Moral Character

  1. BillCa

    At issue is how broadly the government defines “good moral character”. Obviously, no felony record and no serious mental health record is good. But will they decline your permit for back taxes? An unpaid parking ticket? Or if you owe because you didn’t register a car? What trivialities will they use to deny people?


  2. Bill

    As usual, Illinois is always on the ‘cutting edge’, as in the last state to grudgingly be forced to pass a concealed carry law. All the other states must be totally out-of-step, NOT! I sincerely wonder if Illinois has thought about doing a detailed analysis of the other 49 concealed carry laws and use that as a basis to write one that makes sense for Ilinois.



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