Concealed Carry; the Last State

Why have they hesitated so long? All other states have adopted Concealed Carry except the State of Illinois. A Federal mandate was given to Illinois to have Concealed Carry laws in effect by June 9th and time is quickly running out.

Resistance comes from State Attorney General Lisa Madigan , who is considering a court appeal, while Sheriff Tom Dart is concerned that Concealed Carry will cause a “Wild West” scenario. The entire issue has become a hot debate, without any substantial agreements, mainly due to political disparity.

Perhaps the best indication of whether Illinois is going to become a “wild west” scene is to look at the history record of other states over the last dozen years, or, maybe the most recent state of Wisconsin that has “shall issue” Concealed Carry laws. Wisconsin went through the same kind of turmoil about 1 ½ years ago and at this time there is no evidence of “gun slinging cowboys shooting up the town”.

Federal studies indicate that gun crimes have continued to decrease over the last three years, but, crime will always exist. The resistance to Concealed Carry will linger indefinitely and Illinois will be forced to give in to Federal pressure assuring a person’s 2nd Amendment rights. The future of Concealed Carry is dependent upon our continued adherence to these responsibilities…keep on packin, and being a good citizen, dude.


2 thoughts on “Concealed Carry; the Last State

  1. Anonymous

    As usual, Illinois is always on the cutting edge. NOT! The only cutting edge it enjoys is being the laughing stock of the nation.



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