Concealed Carry & Get Out of Dodge

Some people may interpret the meaning of “Get out of Dodge” to be Indian talk for “get out of your car”… but seriously, its popular jargon meaning; “leave wherever you’re at”.

Dodge City, Kansas was a rough and tumble cattle town back in the mid 1850’s with infamous gunmen, like Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson, while frequently visited by cowboys driving cattle from Texas.

The above saying could well apply to that time in history, but, many think its derived either from a 1950’s TV western series called “Gun Smoke”, or, the famous movie classic “High Noon” (which, by the way, is one of President Bill Clinton’s favorite movies). The above show plots featured some (bad a**) sheriff or outlaw that orders you to leave town or face lethal consequences.

It’s interesting to note how the above saying can have a lasting impression on our behavior when applied to Concealed Carry in suspicious areas. We Concealed Carry for self-protection, having practiced many hours to draw and shoot, but, when in a threatening environment our first thought should be; leave the area to avoid harm to yourself and/or loved ones.

Fleeing from an encounter can be a difficult decision only made at the scene. Give it some thought. You will most probably be better off leaving Dodge, but, better yet…don’t even go near Dodge. Keep on packin dude.


2 thoughts on “Concealed Carry & Get Out of Dodge

  1. Ramonita

    “I understand that there may be some pdejurices among the unelightened and unsophisticated, but really, in my opinion, the social status of those that hold a CCW just went up.” And yes, with folks like me, the SOCIAL status of the CCW holders just went up.But Anonymous 6:27 raised this issue: “The intention of such publications is to threaten CCW holders with the loss of their livelihoods … So if a CCW holder, their spouse, or other loved ones, works for an academic institution, state funded entity, or any other agency or enterprise that frowns on gun ownership, they will face retribution. That’s the purpose of promoting these lists.”Military commander’s use to be able to check the membership lists of Officer’s Clubs and the contribution amounts to the annual Combined Federal Campaign. Both of these practices are now prohibited. An individual does not have a RIGHT to social status. But a individual does have a RIGHT to association (assemble) and speech. Also, an individual does have a right to be ‘secure in their papers and effects against unreasonable searches’ (in this case disclosures by the government of public records they enable an unreasonable search by another person. Because of unreasonable searches into a person’s desire to assemble (or not assemble by NOT joining the O-Club), certain practices relating to protecting a person from employment discrimination have been put into law.Because of unreasonable searches into a person’s lifestyle outside of employment, certain laws are in place to ensure an employee can only be laid off or dismissed from employment based on their work actions. Public access to government controlled CCW records may allow employment discrimination; e.g. an employer/supervisor/co-workers/colleagues can potentially create a hostile work environment, yet not so hostile that the employee can file an official harassment protest. Summary: Please comment on the effect on Livelihood, on WORK status. (There is no right to social status, and I agree with the original Anon that the SOCIAL status issue is a distraction.)NOTE: FYI, in case it matters to fellow readers, I am not the 6:27 Anon. I simply agree


  2. Sam

    If you find yourself in a situation where, you think someone or yours are in danger, then I was trained to then an only then, when a life is in jeopardy to draw and eliminate that threat. I would hope that someone if my loved ones are shopping and someone threatens their life, does likewise.



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