Public Tragedy & Concealed Carry

The Newtown Connecticut disaster is losing media attention as the Boston Bombing takes precedence in the media with another shocking display of innocent people killed. My deepest empathy is for the people that lost beloved family members in both of these horrific incidents. An interesting distinction is; home-made “pressure cooker” bombs were used rather than guns, in this latest incident.

Recent legislative proposals in congress would not have stopped the occurrence of either gruesome event. The media reported disappointment, from some relatives of the Newtown victims, about the rejection of this new legislation without offering any truly effective solutions.

It was noted that 80% of the public were supposedly in favor of background checks, however, I would bet that 80% of the public don’t realize that background checks already exist and are not being properly enforced. The suspected Boston bombers had guns, but, they were not registered and neither had a license to carry, so how would “new” laws help in this situation when existing laws are not honored? This common sense conclusion is what you would typically expect from criminal behavior.

The actions from politicians and the media are misleading to the public and not solving this grave social problem. Deterrents should consist of “proactive” and “reactive” measures. The root cause of this problem demands a proactive plan for dealing with terrorist perpetrators and mentally impaired individuals. (Why does the media show people how to kill with violent videos and make bombs on the internet?) Legislation proposals about; AR15’s gun registration and 10-plus magazine clips are futile.

Reactive measures should focus on protecting our schools and public institutions with the presence of qualified, armed personnel and advanced security systems. Laws denying guns and accessories to qualified people are not the answer. It’s about as ridiculous as taking away “pressure cookers” because they kill people as observed in the Boston experience.

One of the most important deterrents to mass slayings is “public vigilance” which must be practiced by all citizens. Additionally; there are over 8 million licensed Concealed Carry people in the US, normally more sensitive regarding suspicious activity, who can also call 911 to report suspicious activity.

Let’s support future legislation proposals that; apply more logic and less emotion to social problems; emphasize that Concealed Carry firearms can be a deterrent to crime, be vigilant about what’s happening in “your” neighborhood, report any suspicious activities and…keep on packin dude.


One thought on “Public Tragedy & Concealed Carry

  1. Dale Nick

    Good article. I’m betting that the 80% they talk about in their “surveys” only include people who are on their side and think pretty much the way liberal/progressives think. I would bet, that while maybe not 80% but a high percentage, know about background checks and how the government wants to take away our Second Amendment Rights. 80% is a high number and I can’t believe that there are that many stupid people in this country. Although, I do believe that our school systems are doing all they can to dumb down students into thinking their way about how needs guns or the Constitution anyway and the NRA is a bad outfit. They teach our children that government will take care of us. The police will protect us. When in reality I refuse to believe that there are that many STUPID people in this country who believe that nonsense.



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