Concealed Carry Toughness

Do you remember what it was like when you first decided to Concealed Carry? For many, it starts off with excitement…can’t wait to get my license to carry…buy a handgun…go to the range…start my first training class.

We listened with precise attention as our class instructor talked about semi-autos, revolvers, shooting fundamentals plus safety and responsibility. After hours of classroom discussion and shooting range certification, we finally began our new experience with the “art” of Concealed Carry.

Eventually, the newness wore off and we came to realize our level of “Concealed Carry Toughness”. It takes a little extra effort, in the morning; to put on a holster, choose the right clothing for concealment and maybe during the day; experience less comfort with a handgun; all of which can lead to disinterest in hauling a firearm.

Each individual has a different toughness level based upon their comfort tolerance and reasons for Concealed Carry. Some begin with motives strong enough, to carry a 50 caliber, 3 pound “hog leg” (revolver) 24/7, but, this does not allow the comfort, concealment and dress preferences required by most people. I talked to people that Concealed Carry a full size “1911” daily and others who leave their compact 380 at home most of the time.

The key element to Concealed Carry toughness is “motivation”…which may be driven by personal experience or exposure to daily violence reports in the media. Freedom of dress choice, physical movement without printing and comfort also plays a major role in our desire to carry. So why do you carry, and, are you at a reasonable comfort level?

Wikipedia has a list of holster designs that may help you decide which holster is best; and obviously, a smaller gun, designed special for Concealed Carry, is greatest for maximum comfort & concealment.

We need to maintain our Concealed Carry Toughness because; without a doubt, bad guys can show up anytime. Keep on packin dude.


One thought on “Concealed Carry Toughness

  1. Natalisa

    I think you all.are viewing this out of coetxnt. As a CCW instructor in ND, I can tell you that our LEOs overwhelmingly support people carrying guns. It’s extremely easy to get a permit in ND. If you’re carrying without a permit, it probably means you’re an individual who’s prohibited from obtaining one (I.e. a felon, violent offender, etc). The only real hindrance to obtaining a permit is that it takes about 90 days due to the administrative backlog created by the huge influx of applications. All of the rules and funding associated with the administration of the permitting program are issued by our legislature.To give you an idea of how lax the gun laws are in ND, I recentlyharangue ATF guy tell me there are more restrictions on people selling quilts than there are on people selling guns.



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