Concealed Carry & Home Invasions

“Home invasion” is defined as illegal entry into an occupied private business or home by individuals with potentially harmful intentions. They are committed in neighborhoods across the country, however, reports often have them listed under different descriptions; rape, homicide, robbery, assault…which makes it difficult to gather accurate statistics on the frequency of these occurrences.

Some home invasions attract wide media attention such as the Holcomb, Kansas occurrence in 1959, involving the Clutter family of four murdered, by two ex-convicts, during robbery of their rural home. The story attracted so much attention that a book; “In Cold Blood” was written about these gruesome killers. A well-known Washington Redskins football player, Sean Taylor, was the victim of a home invasion in November, 2007 and current media attention is focused on the Texas District Attorney that was killed in March of 2013.

Home Invasion perpetrators are most dangerous because they realize that someone is possibly at home and will take drastic measures to restrain them. We hear about the high-visibility cases, noted above, but many other occurrences don’t get much attention or may be classified under a different description.

Could the above victims have prepared well enough to change the course of events?
Concealed Carry while at home can improve safety assurance. Give thought in advance on how you would handle, or avoid, a home invasion attempt if someone comes to the door while you are watching TV or having dinner with the family. Is your weapon accessible? Are you carrying your cell phone, ready to dial 911? Should you unlock the door or talk behind the door? Are there any recent neighborhood break-ins? Have you discussed an action plan with your family?

Do you have a “pooch”? Dogs are excellent alert or deterrent system, and, if owning a dog is not desirable; electronic barking devices are available. They pick up motion and/or vibration to actuate a “big dog barking” sound. Criminals don’t like to deal with fierce sounding canines. It’s difficult to be on guard at all times and the use of electronic security devices can fill in the blanks.

Safety is one of the main components for home security therefore; always take reasonable measures to Concealed Carry or store your weapon for quick availability and at the same time be sensitive to avoiding accidental encounters. Home security planning will assure greater safety, confidence and quality of life. Don’t become extreme about home security, but, realize being prepared in advance is worth the effort…keep on packin dude.

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