Concealed Carry and Tueller’s Rule

People that Concealed Carry will all agree; the best gun fight is the one you avoided, but, sometimes that may not be possible. How soon should you react if some “dirt-bag” is charging toward you at full speed? Does he have a weapon? When do you draw your gun? When do you shoot? What else can you do?
It may be too late to draw and shoot, if he is within 21 feet from you, according to Sargent DennisTueller, who completed a thorough study on this subject in the early 1980’s. The distance at which you shoot in “self-defense” can also become a legal argument in a court of law.
Tueller established, after numerous tests, that an aggressor can travel 21 feet in 1 ½ seconds and it would take about the same amount of time to draw and shoot a handgun. The obvious conclusion is; your chance of self-defense, with a handgun, is slim to none if the aggressor is within 21feet from you.
This practice is widely accepted by police organizations across the country, even though, the results seem incredible…try it yourself…it works. The lesson illustrates that it’s almost impossible to stop an assailant if you’re not prepared to react in advance.
Your best defensive tactic leads back to the beginning comment about avoiding confrontations. Change direction away from your opponent early, and if possible, move toward protective cover with your hand on your weapon and ready to draw. It is recommended not to “brandish” your Concealed Carry weapon, in case of a false alarm, to avoid breaking the law. This a difficult judgment that can only be made during an actual encounter.
Place heavy emphasis on avoiding suspicious environments and be alert in advance so that “you” have the “surprise” advantage. Being familiar with the 21 feet Tueller rule is probably the most important tactic for self-defense on the street and maybe in court. It will help you decide when to “Draw” or “Withdraw”…be safe and keep on packin dude.


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