Concealed Carry Prevalence

Firearm ownership rights are contested by citizens around the globe from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The United States and the United Kingdom are the most talked about countries with totally opposing views on gun legislation, yet both sides should agree, the common objective is to assure rights and safety for their citizens.

It is difficult to appreciate the freedom that we Concealed Carry gun owners have in this country until one reads about the strict laws in other countries like Britain, Germany and Australia. Mass homicides in these countries continue to arouse public emotions in support of stricter Concealed Carry gun control laws each time a disaster occurs.

Recent tragedies in the US have sparked the same passionate response from anti-gun politicians to leverage public emotions toward support of stricter gun laws. A recent Gallup Poll indicates that 53% of the public are in favor of stricter “gun control” which can have a profound effect on individual gun owner’s rights.

Our elected officials must put political bias aside and consider any proposals to deter violence without infringing our 2nd amendment rights. Its self-evident that guns in the hands of responsible, law abiding citizens is an inalienable right to protect ourselves and is not a threat to society. It’s also self-evident that guns in the hands of irresponsible people are a threat to society and strict enforcement of existing laws is required.

Many anti-gun proponents don’t see it this way because they have a deep emotional fear, or, dislike for firearms and believe no one should own a firearm. This not a logical or, realistic solution to the problem and shows no regard for the rights of others. Such prejudice can only be overcome with an overwhelming response from Concealed Carry gun owners.

Let’s all get involve in some way, otherwise, despite the truth, we will eventually lose our right to Concealed Carry as noted (above) in other countries.
Keep on packin dude…it’s your inalienable right…if you can keep it.


4 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Prevalence

  1. Cobby

    “Well, Mr. Mayor, that’s because we can trust wesirestas to rarely do things that make people want to shoot them. “Carve THAT in stone. The best explanation yet as to why legislators are afraid of CCW.


  2. Balasaheb

    Some things to remmeber about so called gun crimes : you will be arrested and charged for protecting you self, family, and home. Gun crimes incliude any arrest if you have a gun in your possession. In england where handguns are illegal, stabbings run rapid. In states where open carry laws exist, gun deaths and robbery are lower. And last is remmeber guns don’t kill, PEOPLE DO!


  3. Ed Norris

    NRA should start an enormous campaign for rights of the people to own weapons showing how people with concealed have saved lives, and how home owners have stopped home invasions. All I hear is everything and everyone against us.



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