Off Duty Concealed Carry

At the age of 8 years, I was aware of two shot guns and a rifle in the basement cupboard and a pistol plus bullets in Mon and Dad’s top bedroom dresser drawer while shotgun shells were stored on the top shelf in their bedroom cupboard.

What seemed to work for previous generations is totally unacceptable gun storage practice in today’s culture where the bizarre use of firearms for committing violence is at an all-time high. We have learned, the hard way, through many highly publicized tragedies, that firearm safety and individual responsibility is a top priority, including, within our homes. There is also a paramount need to understand the root cause of this change in social behavior, but, such a debate is beyond the intention of this commentary.

The main objective of this article is to emphasize the need for safe storage of firearms when not used for Concealed Carry. Too many innocent people die from irresponsible gun accidents within the home. Gun safes will keep firearms from unqualified individuals and discourage thieves. Perhaps the Newtown Connecticut tragedy could have been avoided if the perpetrator’s mother would have kept her weapons in a gun safe.

There is a wide range of small handgun safes plus larger containers for long guns at prices from $40 to $4000 and the technology is impressive, offering, multiple finger print recognition or digital code locks. Some containers are totally waterproof and/or fireproof and can be secured to a wall, floor, desk etc., to discourage home-break-in thefts.

Guns insure the safety of ourselves and loved ones and gun safes are part of the setup. Store your weapons in a totally safe place to avoid even the most remote chance of an accident. Safety first…even when you’re NOT packin dude.



One thought on “Off Duty Concealed Carry

  1. Winston

    Locking away a self-defense weapon in your home… locked away from your personal and expedient access… is assinine. This is no different a policy or requirement than the current addage being said often, “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away…”. The same concept applies to locking your self-defense weapon away from yourself. Mine are always at the “ready”.



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