Concealed Carry Teachers?

Security Guards existed since the beginning of modern man as noted in early Greek and Egyptian history where aristocratic members of society employed the means to protect themselves and their earthly possessions. Wells Fargo came into existence in California, during the mid-1800’s gold rush days, providing Security Guard protection for people and valuable shipments.

Evidence throughout the history of modern man suggests Security Guards are an effective safety assurance in our schools, and elsewhere, regardless of opinions from anti-gun proponents. We need to provide optimum protection for the most important people in our lives and our future, namely, our children and educators.

Ugly mass slaying attempts will continue in our schools and yet it is reported, two-thirds of our schools don’t even have security protection. Armed guards, safety innovations and security practice drills are essential for stopping violence in public places and, additional qualified Concealed Carry school teachers will further increase protection.

There are some opposed to armed teachers and security guards; therefore, each community should make this decision for their children and schools. The nature of man has not significantly changed since the early days of Greece and Egypt and criminals will attempt to breech any safety measures, but, we must deal with the problem based upon our best experience.

In the meantime; get involved in your community schools and contact your congressman on these issues. If we snooze…we lose…and keep on packin dude.


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