Violence Control in the USA

Violence has existed for thousands of years, as noted in the biblical story about Cain killing Able, and it continues to this day with the USA alleged as one of the most violent nations on earth. Government studies identify high crime rate communities across this country, but, continue to struggle for solutions.

The latest tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut is stirring up the gun debate once again after more innocent lives have been lost. Viewpoints from all sides will hopefully insure that no workable solutions are overlooked. Current issues listed in the media are; background checks, magazine clip capacity and a ban on so called “assault” rifles.

Revoking public purchase of certain gun models and magazine clips is not the solution and will only create more bureaucratic and unenforceable federal laws. Mental illness is the prime denominator in mass shootings and effective deterrents must be designed to filter out such individuals before purchasing a weapon. Well-designed background checks can be widely more effective than gun bans.

Chicago is the best example of a community experiencing massive gun violence where state wide Concealed Carry is illegal. The staggering murder rate of over 500 people in 2012 illustrates banning guns for law abiding citizens only denies them self-protection. Criminals acquire most of their guns illegally and will continue to do so regardless of new laws banning assault rifles.

Gun ownership must begin with the integrity and responsibility of the prospective gun buyer. Background checks can serve as an effective deterrent to wrongful gun ownership. Taking away guns and accessories from law abiding citizens will only ignite a nightmare of illegal gun traffic like the out-of-control Mexican gun smuggling plus drug and illegal alien problems that exist today.

Vicious crimes originate in the mind of the perpetrator and a pro-active means is required to identify these individuals. No system is perfect, therefore, back up measures such as full scale electronic surveillance systems plus trained and armed personnel must be added to public institutions. It’s pitiful that we must take such measures; however, it appears that mass school shootings, bombings and community violence will continue.

The police can’t do it all and it’s the responsibility of ordinary citizens to become more involved and report any suspicious crime issues from suspected mentally deranged people, terrorists and other criminals. Let’s also help our law enforcement officials go after the criminals by supporting effective “background checks” that deter violence without more costly and ineffective gun legislation.
Do you have an idea…let’s hear it?


3 thoughts on “Violence Control in the USA


    Interesting statement in the article, “The police can’t do it all…”, better stated is “The police won’t do it all…”. Even police chiefs in various news releases have admitted that the won’t do it all because there are so-called “political hot potatoes” associated with crime. Prisons are now full across America and most of those are criminal illegal insurgents who are let out and the recommit crimes against innocent Americans. Then, police departments receive a lot of funding from federal government programs… and the police are actually afraid of being harmed by criminals so they go after the soft crimes. If politicians and policing agencies actually performed the full scope of their responsibilities for law and order and uphold the Rule of Law and the Constitution America would have less taxpayer dollars going to federal and state assistance to illegal aliens who are actually federal lawbreakers once they cross the border… but no, they see “amnesty” for some 20-30 million aliens (criminals included) and all those family members attached to “anchor babies” as future votes. The first rule of order would be to eliminate all police chiefs and sheriffs and politicians and judges who refuse (or feel their hands are tied) and replace them with willing citizens who will uphold the law to protect real Americans.


    1. Bela

      Considering that it wouldn’t aatlcluy be totally concealed, it might be considered an open threat to the public and police, and a nuisance to the police.Call the local police station non-emergency number and ask them. They should know the North Carolina Concealed Carry laws.Jack Squat , ~ Why would you want to carry around a samurai sword’ in the first place? I’m like you, not really sure why. He’s either going to worry people, or they’re going to think he looks dorky.


  2. Earl Hider

    Terrorists, foreign and domestic, prefer “soft” targets. School shootings will cease when the sign out front, rather than “Gun Free Zone”, says “We encourage our teachers to be armed and accurate.”



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